pictures of our new abode.

finally! {that is what you are thinking, right?}

i thought it would be nice to have an on-going record of the state of the house {especially since projects have happened, or are happening as we speak!} for blog readers, but also for posterity. i will likely be posting about individual projects, but i will also be uploading pictures (likely after more major projects) to the House Tour page, so be sure to check there for picture updates!

i uploaded some pictures of the house that we took during a walk-thru with the seller & the evening that we closed, so the house is nice & clean & empty! {sidenote: there are many, many things that we would like to change/update, but those things take time & money, so we all have to be patient, myself included! we do love the overall character of the house & any update just adds to its charm!}

if you are interested in seeing pictures of the house, {c’mon, you know you’ve been dying to see it!} then scroll up to the top of the webpage & click on the House Tour page.

house tour page

{where the new House Tour page will live.}

did we pick a good one? thoughts?


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