thirty before i am thirty.

i think that everyone has a bucket list, even if its not formal, of things that they want to complete before the kick the bucket. i too have one of these ever-growing lists, but i also have a “thirty before i am thirty” list (pretty self explanatory). after i turned 25 and then 26, the thoughts of what i want to have accomplished before i reach 30 continue to pop into my head. so, as a sort of mini-bucket list and loose roadmap for the next few years, i wrote down my thirty items.

happily, i have just completed two of the thirty this week which i thought i would share along with the other two that i have completed creating the list. without further adieu:

number 2: start a family. in august, 2010 i became a wife. in april, 2011 we adopted a dog.
number 4: pass the Washington Bar Exam. on july 26, 27, 28, 2011 i sat for the WA bar exam. in mid-october i received a letter from the WA State Bar Association that i PASSED! in early november i will be sworn in as an official member of the WA bar.
number 11: start a blog. in september 2011 i started emerald city diaries (obviously).
number 22: re-read all the Harry Potter books & re-watch all of the movies (& compare!). between august and october, 2011 i re-read and re-watched all seven Harry Potter books and movies. (the only caveat is that i technically saw the last installment of the Deathly Hallows out of order because its video release date has not been announced. however, since i saw it in theaters in July, i think it still counts.)

i think that regardless of what age you are and whether it is a bucket list or a mini-bucket list, it is important (& fun!) to think about those things that you really want to accomplish while you have the chance.


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