happy four years {wedding anniversary}!


{some of my favorite engagement pics – all taken in seattle at sisko gallery, pike place market, kerry park, & gas works park}


{some of my favorites from the big day!}

four years has flown by, I am telling you. each year seems like it goes faster & faster! maybe it was because this year was a bit crazy, well with project baby & project house cruising along at full speed! this fourth year seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.

just a few words to my lovely husband: aaron – I can’t believe that I have been so lucky to be your partner for these past years. thru our ups & downs you love me unconditionally, & I will be forever grateful for the way that you support & take care of me. this year marks a huge change in our marriage & our relationship as we add a new life to ours. I know that you will be an amazing father to our child just as you are an amazing husband to me. thank you for the best four years so far! I know that together we can do anything & have the best time doing it! I love you more than words can express.

happy anniversary aaron – here’s to a lifetime more of celebrations!

xo M

see here for our anniversary posts years two & three.

erin & colt got married.

last week we were in indiana {you can see highlights of our week here if you missed it} to see aaron’s family & also to attend erin & colt’s wedding!

colt & aaron {not to be confused with erin} went to high school together, & erin & I hit it off as soon as we met. they have both been really great friends for a lot of years & we were so, so honored to be invited to celebrate their big day.

along with being able to join in the wedding festivities, we also had a few other family ties to the big event. cari, aaron’s sister, sang all of the music at the wedding ceremony – processional, recessional – as well as the first dance song & a late night rendition of bobby mcgee which is her go-to karaoke song {um, she sounds exactly like janis!}. funnily enough erin heard cari sing crazy love during our wedding ceremony & asked cari to sing at her wedding during our reception; almost four years later she did! also, all of the antlers that were used in the wedding – to line the aisle & along the centers of each reception table – were courtesy of my big brother jason. they looked fantastic!

the wedding site was at colt’s parents’ house & it was perfect. the ceremony was out in front of the house & the reception took place in a huge tent out back. erin & colt thought of everything which you could see in all of the beautiful details. there was an old mantle & windows that stood in for a traditional altar, the reception tables were lined with antlers, fresh flowers, moss, & tall candlesticks. towards the end of the night we were entertained with a huge fireworks show!

without further adieu, the pics {since that is what you are really interested in, right?}.


{all dressed up! // the bride & me at the cocktail hour pre-ceremony // the ceremony set-up}


{the ceremony aisle // first kiss! // program stand}


{the ceremony site // our seats at the reception // the lounge area in the tent}


{pie bar in lieu of cake // the gorgeous reception set-up // first dance}


{the moms & bride watching the father of the bride’s toast // colt & his mom dancing // the tent all aglow}


{cari belting out bobby mcgee // the groom // erin singing baby got back with the band}


{the tables were even more gorgeous in candlelight // mo, cari, me & aaron // the bride & the bump}


{cari & mo // colt & erin having a good time // aaron getting’ down // group pic at the end of the party}

& if you didn’t get enough you can see all of aaron’s pictures of the wedding & reception here.

we had such. a. fun. time. it was one of those weddings where everyone had a great time & danced the night away. congratulations erin & colt!

xo M

my weekend in pictures.


{friday night was sushi date night before we headed out to capitol hill to meet up with some friends.}


{saturday morning i had breakfast with a friend at geraldine’s in columbia city. best pumpkin pancakes ever! my friend & her husband are expecting a baby in just four weeks, so the next time i see her, i hope to meet the new babe!}


{two of my friends from law school got married this weekend & we are so privileged to celebrate with them on saturday. congrats to the happy couple!}


{aaron & i got all dressed up for the wedding celebration. not too shabby i say.}


{i took a new friend down to explore pike place market this morning. i rode the great ferris wheel for the first time. the views are not too shabby, though i think it would be better at night or perhaps at sunset?}


{pike place market never gets old. aaron & i took some of our engagement photos here & it will always remind me of that fun photoshoot!}


{no trip down to the market is complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers. dahlias & sunflowers are ringing in the end of the summer season.}


{we had dinner with my grandmother this evening & enjoyed some sorbet with lots of toppings for dessert!}

we had a very enjoyable weekend & enjoyed the return of the sunny, summer weather! we were able to catch up with lots of friends this weekend which always makes for a good time. while i could use some down time to recover during the weekend days, it is so great that this summer has been full of reconnecting with old faces. this weekend also marked the last wedding of the season for us, so it is really starting to feel like the end of summer. i think this may have been the fastest summer on record – where did the last three months go? how was your weekend?


wedding weekend in hood river {the wedding}

this last weekend we were in hood river, oregon to celebrate my cousin jesse’s wedding to his bride elise. the venue was at Bella Vista Orchards, a few miles inland of the columbia river. the ceremony took place amongst the pear trees {with views of mount hood} & the reception in a tent on the property. it was a fun venue & a perfect setting for the bride & groom to celebrate their new union!

there were two suggestions made by the bride & groom via their invitation: one – no stilettos and two – head adornments were greatly encouraged. well, i decided to take my chances with heels {they were thick heels that are easy for me to walk in, plus with the length of my dress heels were a must!} & did pretty well, though the i understand the warning against heels given the uneven dirt paths & roads all around the venue. when it came to head adornments, aaron & i were totally in. aaron decided on his fez {that his brother brought back from egypt a few years back}. i originally thought i would make or buy a fascinator {a la duchess kate} but then came across this diy floral crown on my pinterest board & decided that would be perfect. i even talked my mom & sister into wearing them as well. my dad was a little more conventional in a classic polo baseball hat.

needless to say, we had a wonderful time celebrating!






congratulations jesse & elise!


my weekend in pictures.


{waiting for aaron with sadie after work.}


[post-dinner sorbet sundae!}


[packing for a weekend wedding.}


{the bridge of the gods in cascade locks, oregon in the columbia river gorge. so gorgeous!}


{we were in the columbia river gorge for the weekend to celebrate my cousin, jesse’s, wedding. the celebration was at a local orchard – so fun!}


{we drove out this morning to multomah falls with my parents & sister anya.}


{sadie & the falls.}


{after an extra-long return trip home from oregon because of traffic, we met up with friends at bastille for dinner.}


{i guess it is that time of year again to start thinking about my fall wardrobe!}

we spent a really lovely weekend in oregon celebrating my cousin’s wedding. my parents & sister anya were able to make the trip over as well – it was great to see so much family & catch up! if you haven’t been out to the columbia river gorge, you definitely should. it is breathtakingly gorgeous! the wedding was in an orchard with views of mount hood – pictures to come later in the week. we are gearing up for another week of sunny summer weather! how was your weekend?


three years! {wedding anniversary}

today marks three years since aaron & i exchanged vows. it seems like it has flown by but has been super slow all at the same time. {if you ask aaron, he will tell you it seems like it has been just a minute. underwater. if you are a swimmer or scuba diver, you know that is a looong time!}

i just have to tell you that if you weren’t there, august 1st, 2010 was the best day ever! seriously. i am sure you have other dates {like perhaps your wedding day or the birth of your child} that were the best day ever, but this day tops those. promise. we gathered together with our closest family & friends, i got to wear the prettiest dress & get my hair done up, & then we got to brunch! & dance! & later that evening after we had taken a nap to avoid the 100 degree afternoon, we got everyone back together for karaoke. it was lovely. did i mention it was the best day ever?


{venue: woodriver cellars in eagle, ID // photographer: jason ropp}


{venue: woodriver cellars in eagle, ID // photographer: jason ropp}

aaron – each day we have been married has solidified what an amazing decision we made. you are my soul mate & i cannot imagine how my life would be without you. you give me strength when i feel overwhelmed, courage when i am scared, patience when i am all wound-up, & you give the best back rubs! thank you for being an amazing life partner & for taking a chance on a girl you met in a bar. {we really did meet in a bar – but thru friends.}

from our vows: “To love you alone, to make you happy, to do nothing which would contradict your wishes, this is my destiny and the aim of my life.”

xo M

*i try not to be political {i feel like it can be so polarizing these days} but i wanted to note how special it is for aaron & me that on our third year of marriage, our same-sex friends & family have the opportunity to marry. we are proud to live in a state that allows for this basic, constitutional right & to live in a country that is moving {albeit slowly} towards change & equal opportunities for all couples. for us personally it was only 46 years ago that we wouldn’t have been able to marry because we are different races. we were lucky enough that the u.s. supreme court found that we have a right to marry each other & feel blessed about this decision each day.

celebrating two years!





{venue: woodriver cellars in eagle, idaho. photos by jason ropp.}

on august 1, 2010, aaron & i shared vows, exchanged rings, & said “i do” in the presence of our closest family & friends (& then we had a big party!). those vows mean more to me now than they did two years ago, & i know that will continue to be true for as long as i have the privilege of being married to aaron.

aaron – if i could do it all over again, i would in a heartbeat! you mean the world to me. i can’t wait to grow old with you & spend many, many more anniversaries celebrating our love.

i love you to the moon & back.