diy framed polaroids.

a while ago i posted about the polaroid project where i made “polaroids” out of pictures of parisian french doors. i really liked the way the pictures turned out, but i didn’t love that they were just stuck on the wall. the pictures came down along with everything else over thanksgiving weekend when we painted the bedroom & i finally got around to finding a new way to display the pictures {i framed them!}.

this was super easy. i picked up two fjallsta frames from ikea. i knew i wanted big picture frames & decided the square frame was what i wanted. i also picked up some poster tack & two heavy white posterboards from target.

i opened up the frame & took out the mat. i traced the outside of the mat onto the posterboard, one for each frame, & then cut. {this is what the second picture is, i know its hard to see with the white on white.}


then i measured the inside {back} of the frame to figure out how much of a margin i would need to leave between the edge of the posterboard & the edge of the pictures. i left a one inch margin on the left, right & bottom edges, and a one-and-a-quarter inch margin on the top {the extra 1/4 inch was to account for the washi tape}.


then i added a small wad of poster tack to the top corners of each picture. the washi tape was already on the tops of all the pictures.


i placed the four corner pictures first & then filled in the rest of the grid.





& then the frames went back onto our bedroom walls as a fun reminder of our trip to paris!

what kind of art are you framing & hanging on your walls?


the polaroid project.

while we were in paris in the spring of 2011, we started taking pictures of the beautiful french doors that were all over the city. i didn’t know what we would do with them at the time (& didn’t for over a year after the trip), but i wanted to do some kind of art piece for the house.

i thought at first i might just print a few, frame them, & hang them in a grouping, but then i thought that it would be cool to print them to look like polaroids. my original idea was to print the photos, cut them into squares, & mount them onto white cardstock – a faux polaroid.

i didn’t work or even think about this project for months, but then this summer i stumbled onto the perfect thing: the polaroid image maker. this program is a free download & pretty fun to use. you open up the “camera,” drag a picture file into the camera, & the picture “develops” on your screen. you can only do ten pictures at a time (since real polaroid film only has ten exposures) so if you want to do more pictures, you have to close & re-open the program. also, the program can also put a filter on the image, but this is optional if you don’t want it.

screen shot of photos developing

{my polaroids developing on my desktop}

DSC_0184-polaDSC_0010 (2)-pola

DSC_0116 (2)-polaDSC_0117 (3)-pola

{a sampling of my polaroids}

once i had all of my polaroids (i made almost 50 since i couldn’t choose which doors wouldn’t make the cut) i had them printed at mpix. the reason i chose mpix over the usual snapfish or target printing is because mpix has a 4 by 5 print option, which is perfect for printing a polaroid (or is it a faux-laroid?).

i got my prints fairly quickly & was really happy with the results. obviously they didn’t look exactly like polaroids, but they were pretty darn close! i wanted to keep this project simple, so i decided just to tape the polaroids to the wall instead of trying to do any framing or anything. i found some cute “airmail stripe” washi tape* on etsy that i thought would fit in with the parisian theme without being too corny. {update: a few of the pictures have been falling off the wall, so i think adding a bit of poster tacky stuff – you know what i am talking about? – to the backs of the pictures to keep them from falling since washi tape isn’t very strong.}


{i put them up on opposing walls of our bedroom near our closet doors & changed up the pattern. apparently i should have printed one more picture…fail.}


i don’t know if we will keep this photo arrangement after we paint our room (fingers crossed this happens over thanksgiving weekend!) but for now it is a fun reminder of our trip to paris & an easy way to cover some once-bare walls.

are you nostalgic for polaroids? have you tried making your own faux-laroids?


*when did wasabi tape start being called washi tape?