amanda’s baby brunch.

I had the pleasure of hosting a baby brunch last weekend to celebrate my good friend amanda & her baby boy! she requested a simple affair that was focused on quality time with girlfriends. after amanda chose steelhead diner {right at pike place market!} for the venue, the rest of the brunch came together really easily. amanda’s friend kelly acted as my co-host & we came up with this simple pinboard.


{the main focus of the décor was the table: a simple kraft paper runner with a few flower arrangements & succulents}


{a simple guess-how-much-candy-in-the-bowl game // a thumbprint guestbook that will be a keepsake for baby boy’s nursery}


{the table // wishes for baby // the cutest little succulents in pots that were sent home with each guest}


{more thumbprinting! // onesies with tiny clothespins hung as a bunting-type banner}


{me & amanda & our bumps // kelly & amanda}


  • the kraft paper runner was a simple version of this one
  • the low flower arrangements were a combination of a whole foods bouquet & peonies.
  • the “instruction cards” were handmade with faux calligraphy & washi tape buntings
  • the thumbprint guestbook was made in illustrator {with a little trial & error}
  • the succulents & ceramic pots were from fred meyer
  • the glass candy dish was from michael’s

also see amanda’s brunch post here!

it was so great to celebrate with you amanda & I can’t wait to meet baby boy!

xo M

my weekend in pictures.


{got to attend jaz’s dance recital on friday night. such a treat! great job kiddo!}


{I had the pleasure of hosting a baby brunch for amanda & baby boy sadlier at steelhead diner on saturday afternoon. more pics to come this week!}


{traffic was awful this weekend going to seattle & in the city. the 520 bridge was closed & streets all over the city were closed for the half and full marathon.}


{not usually a fast food eater but I did have to try a wendy’s frosty in a waffle cone. so good!}


{we got to hang out with jaz on saturday night while her parents went on date night. lots of games were played!}


{I bust out the iron only for special occasions. this occasion was maternity photos.}


{lots of hair products used by the gal at swink style bar while getting my hair done.}


{stopped by the house this weekend to see the progress & DRYWALL! pics to come later in the week.}


{sadie enjoying the new almost finished space in our basement.}

we had a very busy first-of-the-summer weekend but it was time well spent. we got to hang out with our friends jes, cale, & their daughter jaz {twice!} which is always a good time. I also got to co-host a brunch for my good friend amanda & it was so good to see her & get some girl time in. the setting wasn’t too shabby either – right in the heart of pike place market! I was able to stroll around the market ahead of time, buy some gorgeous flowers, & enjoy a delicious raspberry croissaint from le panier. we also did a maternity photoshoot this afternoon – all of us: aaron, me, sadie, & the bump! we were down at golden gardens beach park which was busy because the weather was so great. can’t wait to share these pics in a few weeks!

how was your weekend?


erin & colt got married.

last week we were in indiana {you can see highlights of our week here if you missed it} to see aaron’s family & also to attend erin & colt’s wedding!

colt & aaron {not to be confused with erin} went to high school together, & erin & I hit it off as soon as we met. they have both been really great friends for a lot of years & we were so, so honored to be invited to celebrate their big day.

along with being able to join in the wedding festivities, we also had a few other family ties to the big event. cari, aaron’s sister, sang all of the music at the wedding ceremony – processional, recessional – as well as the first dance song & a late night rendition of bobby mcgee which is her go-to karaoke song {um, she sounds exactly like janis!}. funnily enough erin heard cari sing crazy love during our wedding ceremony & asked cari to sing at her wedding during our reception; almost four years later she did! also, all of the antlers that were used in the wedding – to line the aisle & along the centers of each reception table – were courtesy of my big brother jason. they looked fantastic!

the wedding site was at colt’s parents’ house & it was perfect. the ceremony was out in front of the house & the reception took place in a huge tent out back. erin & colt thought of everything which you could see in all of the beautiful details. there was an old mantle & windows that stood in for a traditional altar, the reception tables were lined with antlers, fresh flowers, moss, & tall candlesticks. towards the end of the night we were entertained with a huge fireworks show!

without further adieu, the pics {since that is what you are really interested in, right?}.


{all dressed up! // the bride & me at the cocktail hour pre-ceremony // the ceremony set-up}


{the ceremony aisle // first kiss! // program stand}


{the ceremony site // our seats at the reception // the lounge area in the tent}


{pie bar in lieu of cake // the gorgeous reception set-up // first dance}


{the moms & bride watching the father of the bride’s toast // colt & his mom dancing // the tent all aglow}


{cari belting out bobby mcgee // the groom // erin singing baby got back with the band}


{the tables were even more gorgeous in candlelight // mo, cari, me & aaron // the bride & the bump}


{cari & mo // colt & erin having a good time // aaron getting’ down // group pic at the end of the party}

& if you didn’t get enough you can see all of aaron’s pictures of the wedding & reception here.

we had such. a. fun. time. it was one of those weddings where everyone had a great time & danced the night away. congratulations erin & colt!

xo M

my week{end} in pictures {indiana edition}.

{sorry for the delay in this post – we landed in seattle late yesterday night & hit the ground running!}


{we got off a red-eye flight from seattle to chicago last week & drove to indiana. in hindsight, this was a terrible idea. #wenappedinapaneraparkinglot}


{aaron being a great uncle!}


{our friend colt & aaron picked these beautiful peonies for me!}


{hanging out with our sweetest niece charlotte.}


{headed to colt & erin’s wedding on friday. more pics to come!}


{aaron spent a lot of time shooting clays at the post-wedding picnic.}


{aaron’s stepmom diane made sugar cookies & someone had to eat the last one. #takingonefortheteam}


{watched the french open finals – go rafa!}


{got to have dinner with aunt kathi, uncle stan, aunt sharon, & uncle mike. what a treat!}


{got to see kait & oliver while in alex. aaron & oliver shooting with a bow & arrow.}


{kait, me, & the bump.}


{our rental car – a kia soul. actually not a bad car, just an awful color!}


{aaron & frankie getting in some male bonding time.}


{we got a chance to see meg & her littles on our way out of town. aaron & si were bffs by the end of our trip!}


{after having lunch in chicago, we got to see wrigley field on our way to o’hare!}


{the route to terminal c at o’hare is always fun!}


{as we approached seattle, we opened the airplane window to discover the most beautiful view of mount rainer!}

we had a whirlwind trip to indiana to see aaron’s family & attend colt & erin’s nuptials this past week. it was so great to see so much family & get to spend some quality time with our niece & nephews {though it is so tough to not see them more often!}. the weather was beautiful & we both enjoyed a stretch of sunny weather with very little humidity {yay!} – looking forward to the summer weather that will hopefully descend upon the emerald city in the coming months. thanks to everyone who made time to hang out with us while we were in town – hope to do it again sometime very soon!

how was your weekend?


project baby {seattle baby shower}

as I had mentioned in this week’s bump post, amanda threw me a beautiful & lovely baby shower this past weekend. it was likely a bit of a challenge since it was gender neutral, but it was so, so perfect! every detail was thought of & executed to perfection. thank you amanda – such a fantastic way to celebrate baby lower with a fabulous group of women!

the spread was perfect – snacks & dessert {french macarons & cupcakes – my fav!} & I adored those hanging balloons. & the very sweetest thing was the guest book: everyone’s thumbprints on the cutest print from where the wild things are. this is the first art piece for the nursery!


{hanging balloons // the spread // the sweets}


{the guest book // shower prizes // oh baby banner in the bathroom // the most delicious drinks}


{quote on the guest book // shower game // favors // the spread}


{the drinks // my balloon chair // law school gals}


{playing shower games // admiring the youngest shower guest // the oldest of friends}


{mom, me, & the bump // the guest book // the lovely hostess & me // balloons!}

perfect, right?


my weekend in pictures.


{I have always loved stripes, but can’t get enough these days!}


{after work drinks while we wait for some thai to go!}


{we ventured into sadie’s favorite store this weekend & she convinced us that she needed some treats.}


{went to see divergent with friends on a double date but the show was sold out. whomp whomp. so we watched the hunger games – catching fire instead.}


{brunch at the pomegranate bistro with amanda, george, & madeleine!}


{finally got the car washed! love the ones you can drive thru!}

this weekend felt productive & it was great spending time with aaron as he was gone most of this week on a business trip. we have moved east to redmond during the pending house work which I promise to share more about this week – big things are starting to happen & it’s pretty exciting! we are feeling almost settled in, but it is strange to find the pace of our routine in a new place. I think we’ll get the hang of it soon! how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{a trip to bellevue square means I get my auntie anne’s fix. I never really ate big pretzels before I was pregnant, but now whenever I see them I crave them.}


{we just happened to be at nordy’s & they just happened to be running triple points. so, we shopped a bit!}


{no one loves the warm sunny weather more than sadie because it means she gets to cruise around in the car with the window down.}


{aaron & a few of our very nice friends loaded up this guy on saturday. just the start of some  very big things to come around here!}


{found some time to relax & enjoy the second book in this trilogy.}


{sadie has been such a cuddle bug lately. she always wants to be right by my side. or on my lap. whichever is more convenient for her.}

we had the most beautiful gorgeous & sunny weekend weather that really made it feel like spring is here. I know this is just a teaser & that winter-ish weather will return soon, but it was nice to break out my sunglasses &  not need quite so many layers for at least a few days. we had an awesome group of friends come over this weekend & help us pack & move a few things from around the house as we prepare for our next big project. it feels a little crazy-town around here since there are so many things going on at once these days, but we are excited about the coming months. how was your weekend?