a quilt for charlotte.

as I had mentioned here our niece charlotte was diagnosed with liver cancer back in february. you can check out the latest on her treatment here if you’d like. she just started her last round of chemo this weekend & is scheduled to have surgery at the end of the month. the tumor is shrinking but we would appreciate your thoughts & prayers as she continues her journey to remission.

{charlotte & her new hair-do!}

my very dear friend amanda was so sweet & made charlotte a quilt. it is so beautiful & I can’t wait to see it when we are in indiana this week. be sure to check out her post here (the front of the quilt is below but the back is a fun surprise)!

{a rainbow quilt for charlotte.}

thank you so much amanda for such an enormously special gift!


my weekend in pictures.


{my last day of work was on friday. so strange! hello maternity leave!}


{whole foods was having a huge sale on bars on saturday. aaron decided we should stock up!}


{we were the clampetts this weekend when we picked up some box springs for our new bed & had to tie them up on the roof of our car!}


{we met some friends at black raven brewery for a great date night!}


{so enjoying peach season! & thanks to my husband for removing all of the skins… even though he thinks it is so ridiculous.}


{after a few trips back & forth over lake washington this weekend, we finally got stuck at a bridge crossing this morning. at least it was a pretty view of the lake!}


{we spent some time at the house this weekend & started moving back in. good thing we are getting some help with cleaning since there is a layer of dust on everything!}


{we finally got summer weather back in the PNW! I always worry about keeping sadie cool when the weather is hot. then I see her lay in the sun & I realize I shouldn’t worry so much.}


{lots of cleaning was happening this weekend. I think this is foreshadowing what our foreseeable future looks like.}


{lots of painting – by our subs – was completed at the house this weekend!}


{another dinner date this weekend with friends at skillet diner in ballard. so delish!}


{sadie was loving the cold concrete floor at lowe’s this evening. I sort of wanted to lay down with her!}

we had big plans to spend lots of time at the house this weekend & really start moving in. we were a bit foiled when there was still interior painting being completed in both our old space & new space. we did the best we could but still have a long ways to go – that’s the way renovations work, right? the weather was absolutely amazing though so it was such a great summer weekend. I officially start my maternity leave tomorrow & have about a million-&-a-half things on my to-do list before baby lower makes an appearance. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{at our childbirth class this weekend we learned about how baby lower will navigate the pelvic bones – pretty crazy stuff!}


{sadie & my 35 week bump!}


{in the middle of a diy project for the house & so excited about it!}


{fro-yo doesn’t doesn’t last long around here when its 90 degrees. & there is no A/C.}


{a much-needed car wash!}


{admiring the gorgeous salvaged wood floors at the house. more pics to come on thursday!}


{we dined in west seattle with some friends & enjoyed the view of the seattle city skyline.}


{tried marination ma kai – a food truck turned restaurant – & it was awesome. there wasn’t shave ice since the freezer was out which was a bit of a bummer. 90 degrees + pregnant misha = wants shave ice}


{walking out of whole foods this evening the sky was breathtaking!}

this weekend was hot, hot,, hot! a lot of you can easily do high 80s or low 90s without breaking a sweat {pun intended!} but I know you are doing it with A/C. I was able to make it most of the day, but by about 5 or 6 I was ready to be cooled down. luckily both mornings this weekend we attended a childbirth & breastfeeding class at swedish hospital – it was not only very informative but had A/C! I am gearing up for my last two weeks of work before I start my leave {!} & looking forward to enjoying some summer before baby lower joins the fam {though a bit cooler would be more pleasant!}. how was your weekend?


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{on saturday afternoon we celebrated & remembered the life of my grandmother.}


{mmm, s’mores!}


{a fierce family board game commenced. aaron & I were victorious!}


{the bump & I got all dressed up for a baby shower on sunday! pics to come later in the week.}


{I love being at my parents’ house & catching up on all of my mom’s magazines!}


{dinner out at smoky mountain pizza – a local fav!}


{my parents’ dog bentley. love this guy. & he loves you when you have food!}


{so. many. donuts & cookies. we were sent home by the shower hostesses with lots of sprinkled & sugared goodies. an apparent test of self-control at 8 months pregnant.}


{sad to leave boise after such a quick trip!}

we spent the long weekend in boise to celebrate the life of my grandmother. it was an emotional time, but so, so good to see so many family & friends. we had a small family “service” at my parents’ cabin to remember & celebrate my grandmother. it was perfectly small & succinct – just how she would have wanted it to be.

I also had the pleasure of being “sprinkled” {baby sprinkled that is} by two of my best friends in celebration of baby lower. it was really great to see family & friends, & meet a few new babies that were in tow. I plan on sharing pics of the shower later in the week, so hold tight!

it was hard to spend so little time in boise before having to make the trip back to the real world, but it is nice that we have a short work week to look forward to. how was your weekend?


amanda’s baby brunch.

I had the pleasure of hosting a baby brunch last weekend to celebrate my good friend amanda & her baby boy! she requested a simple affair that was focused on quality time with girlfriends. after amanda chose steelhead diner {right at pike place market!} for the venue, the rest of the brunch came together really easily. amanda’s friend kelly acted as my co-host & we came up with this simple pinboard.


{the main focus of the décor was the table: a simple kraft paper runner with a few flower arrangements & succulents}


{a simple guess-how-much-candy-in-the-bowl game // a thumbprint guestbook that will be a keepsake for baby boy’s nursery}


{the table // wishes for baby // the cutest little succulents in pots that were sent home with each guest}


{more thumbprinting! // onesies with tiny clothespins hung as a bunting-type banner}


{me & amanda & our bumps // kelly & amanda}


  • the kraft paper runner was a simple version of this one
  • the low flower arrangements were a combination of a whole foods bouquet & peonies.
  • the “instruction cards” were handmade with faux calligraphy & washi tape buntings
  • the thumbprint guestbook was made in illustrator {with a little trial & error}
  • the succulents & ceramic pots were from fred meyer
  • the glass candy dish was from michael’s

also see amanda’s brunch post here!

it was so great to celebrate with you amanda & I can’t wait to meet baby boy!

xo M

my weekend in pictures.


{got to attend jaz’s dance recital on friday night. such a treat! great job kiddo!}


{I had the pleasure of hosting a baby brunch for amanda & baby boy sadlier at steelhead diner on saturday afternoon. more pics to come this week!}


{traffic was awful this weekend going to seattle & in the city. the 520 bridge was closed & streets all over the city were closed for the half and full marathon.}


{not usually a fast food eater but I did have to try a wendy’s frosty in a waffle cone. so good!}


{we got to hang out with jaz on saturday night while her parents went on date night. lots of games were played!}


{I bust out the iron only for special occasions. this occasion was maternity photos.}


{lots of hair products used by the gal at swink style bar while getting my hair done.}


{stopped by the house this weekend to see the progress & DRYWALL! pics to come later in the week.}


{sadie enjoying the new almost finished space in our basement.}

we had a very busy first-of-the-summer weekend but it was time well spent. we got to hang out with our friends jes, cale, & their daughter jaz {twice!} which is always a good time. I also got to co-host a brunch for my good friend amanda & it was so good to see her & get some girl time in. the setting wasn’t too shabby either – right in the heart of pike place market! I was able to stroll around the market ahead of time, buy some gorgeous flowers, & enjoy a delicious raspberry croissaint from le panier. we also did a maternity photoshoot this afternoon – all of us: aaron, me, sadie, & the bump! we were down at golden gardens beach park which was busy because the weather was so great. can’t wait to share these pics in a few weeks!

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{cutting fabric is not my forte, but it needed to be done for an upcoming sewing project for baby lower.}


{aaron & I spent most of the day saturday sourcing finishes for the house – wood floors, tile, paint, light fixtures.}


{a bubble tea was much-needed after making a million decisions!}


{rainer cherries are in season & we have been enjoying. this was a double one – crazy!}


{baby’s first set of wheels! one of the only things for baby lower that we have put together.}


{oh trader joe’s. I went in for one thing & ended up with ingredients for strawberry shortcake!}


{dim sum lunch with friends on sunday. so delish!}


{choosing paint at benjamin moore.}


{I usually don’t like the I love mommy/daddy/etc. kids’ stuff, but I couldn’t resist this to give to aaron for his first father’s day!}

we had a really busy weekend, but super productive. things are moving right along with the house & it is exciting to be finally picking finishes for everything, plus a lot of things got checked of the big to-do list which is always a great feeling!

we were really low-key about celebrating father’s day today since it really doesn’t seem like we are parents. it is crazy to think about one year from now though & how we will be parents to an almost one year old!

happy father’s day to aaron, my dad, aaron’s dad, aaron’s grandfather, & all of the other dads out there. thanks for everything that you have done for us!

how was your weekend?