my {thanksgiving} week in pictures.

{My parents were in town and we headed down to the Museum of Flight on Monday. The big hanger with all of the big planes is the favorite of the girls.}

{The KidPort is SO darling. Here, Daphne is checking in Eloise for her upcoming flight!}

{Daphne serenading me on her ukulele! She LOVES wearing glasses or sunglasses, and also those sweatpants.}

{Pie making with Mimi.}

{Daphne enjoying a tiny pumpkin pie.}

{And Eloise did too!}

{Aaron did a phenomenal job with the turkey this year – from the brining to the roasting. It was SO yummy!}

{This year’s Thanksgiving table. Almost all of the decor was my late grandmother’s – candlesticks, chargers, salt & pepper shakers – paired with my favorite gold flatware, pumpkins, eucalyptus and a million votives!}

{But this little turkey that Daphne made at school last week – and calls a chicken! – was my VERY favorite part of the entire table.}

{Playing trains with Mimi.}

{We had an impromptu family pizza night with friends/neighbors on Friday evening. All of the kids were in their jammies and we threw on a Christmas movie so all of the adults could chat! And we peeked into the living room and all of the kids were like this!}

{Not the “official” Santa photo, but a sneak peek. We headed downtown on Saturday morning to brave the crowds at Nordstrom to see Mr. Claus. I went down early and stood in line with a friend and a hot coffee, and Aaron met me later with the girls. It wasn’t terrible (waiting) but it did take up THREE hours of my morning…}

{Eloise was SO sweet with Santa this year, and it sort of came out of nowhere. Ahem, do we remember last year’s meeting? She chatted with him and showed him her first lost tooth, and she willingly sat on his lap for the picture. And then chatted with him afterwards. Daphne was a little more apprehensive, though she told me later on in the day that she wanted to sit on Santa’s lap “tomorrow.” Sorry kiddo, missed your chance!}

{Searching for the perfect Christmas tree.}

{And waiting at the tree farm. Eloise was trying to warm up in the sun since it was SO cold in the shade. And Daphne was scooting on the ice.}

{The 2019 Lower family Christmas tree! Not nearly as big as last year, but really pretty perfect. The lights and star are up already, and are so pretty sitting in our big front window. I’m going to try to tackle the ornaments early this week while the girls are at school and then save their ornaments for them to hang up one evening.}

{I shared on my Instagram Stories yesterday but I decided to give the girls December 1st boxes this year after seeing it done by a few other families. These are all of the things I included this year and then I put them in a gift bag for each girl, and they were waiting under the tree this morning. The girls LOVED it! They wear Christmas jammies all year, so these were just clean right out of the laundry. And we always get the girls ornaments each year, so it made sense to add them in. Eventually I may start to “gift” old Christmas books since we don’t need two more every year. But the biggest hit was the chocolate advent calendar!}

{Along with putting up all of our Christmas decorations this afternoon (which are almost all in the living and dining room, I updated ALL of the letterboards. I picked up the little ornament letterboard last month and it’s my new favorite!}

We had SUCH a FUN Thanksgiving week, much in part to my parents being in town for a visit and also Aaron being off work all but Monday. It kinda felt like one long weekend (during the week) and then a bonus weekend right after! Plus, the weather was sunny and crisp (though very cold) which is my favorite kind of fall weather. And now we are just running into Christmas, aren’t we?

How was your weekend? And Happy December!


P.S. Daphne’s three-quarter update did not go up today. So I expect it will go up sometime in the next few days after I can find some time to write up her updates and get her to sit still for a photo!

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