happy halloween! {2019}

Happy Halloween from the Lowers! The girls were super interested in Halloween this year (Eloise much more so and then Daphne once we taught her how to trick-or-treat!) which always makes celebrating the holiday WAY more fun for us.

Per usual, Eloise has known what she wanted to dress up as for months, and decided right after her birthday that she wanted to be a black kitty cat. We already had black ears, and she paired those with this tail from Hanna Andersson, a black sweatshirt from Primary, and black leggings. And then I added a pink and purple heart for her kitty nose and some black whiskers with face paint crayons.

We started talking to Daphne about Halloween and dressing up around the start of the school year. She was really interested in Woody (the cowboy) even though she has never seen any of the Toy Story movies (though with the launch of the fourth movie this past summer, Woody and crew were everywhere). So, she decided she wanted to be a cowboy, just like Woody. I tried to explain to her that she would actually be a cowgirl, but she didn’t buy it. So she was a cowboy! She wore a cowboy hat from Hanna Andersson (no longer available), these cowboy boots from Target, and I made her vest and chaps (from fleece and felt – easy peasy).

Happy Halloween!


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