my weekend in pictures.

{This maple is SO gorgeous this time of year!}

{Daphne and I had a play date with some friends on Friday morning and she wanted to wear her bike helmet all morning!}

{We were up bright & early on Saturday morning for our family Christmas card photoshoot and warmed up our hands afterwards with hot chocolate (and string cheese)! Also, I had my first PSL of the season and it was WAY too sweet! Anyone else feel that way? I drink mostly unsweetened coffee these days, so maybe it’s that?}

{Daphne doesn’t have very many friends who are her age so we let her skip her nap on Saturday afternoon to celebrate her friend Emerson. She had such a fun time crafting and doing science experiments! Also, we learned that Daphne is definitely not ready to drop her nap… the late afternoon and evening was full of toddler meltdowns.}

{We are hosting (a small) Thanksgiving this year so I ordered my turkey! It will be delivered with our regular milk and egg delivery on the Monday before Thanksgiving which is perfect!}

{Over the years I have (sadly) become such a fairweather baseball fan. There are just too many games to keep track of! But, when the World Series comes around, I definitely enjoy watching some innings. I’m not sure who to root for this year, but generally root for the losing team so there are more series games. Ha! One of my bucket list items is to attend a World Series game!}

{Aaron headed out on Saturday night to his brother’s annual Halloween bash (while I stayed home in my jammies!) and dressed up as a Hong Kong protester.}

{We headed over to a neighbor’s house for a bagel breakfast this morning and the girls enjoyed all of the fall decorations on our way around the block.}

{And then Aaron put the girls to work helping do some fall clean-up outside. Eloise swept the leaves off of the front stairs while Daphne was much more interested in finding rocks and leaves to put back on the front stairs!}

{It was such a beautiful fall morning and the leaves were dry enough to make jumping in them fun!}

{While Aaron and Eloise headed over to (another) neighbor’s house for a quick play date this afternoon, I decided it was time to make banana bread. Especially since that one banana was really on it’s last leg. I’ve tried so many “healthy” banana bread recipes and have finally landed on Joanna Gaines’s recipe which is not healthy at all (it is full of butter and sugar) but it tastes a-maz-ing! And we generally eat it for breakfast with a side of eggs, so that’s well-rounded, right?}

{We headed to Optimism Brewery on Capital Hill to celebrate sweet Sawyer’s first birthday this evening. The girls LOVED these monster cupcakes.}

{And they were apparently delicious too!}

My apologies for being MIA last weekend. We were hosting out-of-town friends (who had never been to Seattle before!) and spent such good quality time showing them the sights and catching up. It was my one of my oldest girlfriends, who I’ve known since I was a teenager, and her husband, and we hadn’t seen them since their San Diego wedding in February! It was a sign of a GREAT weekend when I had almost no photos to show for it.

But this weekend, we had a fun fall weekend (without the rain!) starting with our family photoshoot which is always a fun time. It was REALLY cold – darn that puffy warm coats don’t look good in photos! – but we managed to get a really great shoot in and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

There were lots of (birthday) celebrations this weekend and it just feels so much like fall as we are running into the END of October! (How?!) But I am SO excited for Halloween this week and can’t wait to see the girls in their costumes. (They kept it relatively easy on me this year!)

How was your weekend?


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