my {long} weekend in pictures.

{We headed north around mid-day on Friday to catch a ferry boat over to Whidbey Island. The weather was gorgeous!}

{Daphne loved being on the ferry, but she kept asking where the ferry boat was while we were on it!}

{And puzzles are my family’s vacation love language. This was definitely not the first puzzle of the weekend.}

{We got to our beach house rental, and just had to explore and enjoy the SUN!}

{The Sadliers joined us out on Whidbey and Daphne is obsessed with every single person in the family. Particularly this little one!}

{Just a gorgeous sunset over the water.}

{Always exploring.}

{And Eloise was making some creative beach cuisine.}

{The big kids.}

{Play-doh is always a hit. And look at that face!}

{After (the kids’) bedtime we decided to celebrate with some bubbles. This may be my favorite champagne ever and will always remind me of a great & dear friendship!}

{I love seeing the relationship blossoming between these girls. I hope they return to the beach for family trips when they are older.}

{Daphne LOVES rocks. And spent so much time collecting them, counting them, and then shoving them in her pockets.}

{Truly one of my happiest places.}

{Me and my girl. And her favorite new rock.}

{We snuck in some beach time right before we loaded up and headed home!}

{Back on a boat.}

We were off this past weekend for a long weekend away. The public schools had a teacher in-service day on Friday, so we decided to take advantage and take a quick get-away! We were joined by our great friends and had such a fun time together. It’s always great to be at the beach and we are feeling refreshed heading into the rest of October.

How was your weekend?


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