my weekend in pictures.

{As I mentioned on my Instagram Stories (can we call them InstaStories?) Daphne saw the eye doctor on Friday morning. We’ve been waiting for this appointment since I made it in early February (when she still had a swollen elbow) so I was anxious, to say the least. It was amazing to see how the doctors check the vision of a toddler! Daphne was pretty happy and cooperative for the entire ordeal, except when the dilation drops had to be put in. But, I don’t blame her.

Everything went really well and Daphne got the all clear. That means no inflammation in the eyes (which can be a symptom of JIA and if left untreated, can cause blindness) and no glasses! I was sort of secretly hoping for glasses, but then I realized that would actually be a total pain to keep glasses on a toddler. We know the girls will likely need glasses at a young age since Aaron and I both had them as kids, but we are glad it’s not so soon!}

{It finally felt warm enough to play outside on Friday afternoon. This summer weather has been so weird – a little cold, cloudy, and humid!}

{On Saturday morning after breakfast, we prepped the entryway space for a long-awaited refinish on the front door. Since we were going to be sanding, staining, and sealing, we figured it would be easiest to complete the entryway bench as well.}

{After a LONG day of work on the front door and bench, we enjoyed a family movie night. We watched Ralph Breaks the Internet which was really cute!}

{And more sealing coats this morning. We decided to keep it on it’s hinges so we could get it done this weekend (without having to wait to flip it), but we still couldn’t shut the door overnight without risking the sealing around the edge. So, up went the plywood. It’s crazy how much you use your front door but don’t realize it until you can’t! The door and bench should be totally cured by tomorrow afternoon, so by tomorrow evening we should be pretty much back to normal.}

{The girls got some wiggles out in the backyard between dinner and bathtime. Apparently Eloise needed to take a phone call during her soccer match. Ha!}

{Aaron clipped some hydrangeas for me from the gorgeous shrub out back. It has so many flowers on it that are varying shades of purple and pink. It’s just so pretty! Also, I’m really interested to see how long these freshly cut hydrangeas last because whenever I buy them from the grocery store, they are wilting within 24 hours.}

We had a hard-working weekend with two big projects checked off! Refinishing the front door has been on our to-do list basically since we moved in. Doh. It also finally felt like summer this weekend!

This week Eloise has bike camp (Pedalheads if any local families are interested) where she will learn to pedal her bike. She is SO excited! And Daphne and I will have the mornings to hang out or run errands or play which will be a nice change of pace. I’ve only had a few weeks of summer with both of the girls home (since we were in Boise, Eloise was with my parents, and then they were in town) and I’m not going to lie there have been a lot of rough moments. I think we all miss the structure of school, so even though summer is SO fun for adventures and taking things a bit slower, we are all really looking forward to school starting back up in the fall!

How was your weekend?


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