my {4th of july} weekend in pictures.

{The deck set up for the Annual 4th of July BBQ! I was so thankful it was nice and sunny, but not too hot.}

{The end of the parade route blocked off.}

{When did these girls get so big?! The girls’ dresses are Hanna Andersson and are no longer available, but I like that they aren’t overly festive so we can still wear them on any other day of the year!}

{All lined up for the parade!}

{And I have to share this one from my friend Cat because look how cute these girlies are!}

{Daphne bailed about one minute before the parade started, so she watched from the sidelines with me.}

{This is the only picture I got of (some of) the food spread. We had friends bring side dishes and everything was SO tasty!}

{Daphne is finally tall enough for Eloise’s old balance bike so we headed around the neighborhood a few times on new bikes. We took the pedals off of Eloise’s new bike so she can get used to it like a balance bike before she starts bike camp in a week (where she will learn to use the pedals).}

{So excited for the launch of Season Three of Stranger Things and even more excited that the entire season was released at once so we can binge!}

{Eloise and I made this mango pudding tonight for dessert tomorrow (since it has to set). I hope it’s yummy because it was SO easy!}

We had such a nice long, holiday weekend celebrating the Fourth of July. Even though the country seems to be in chaos, we enjoyed spending time with our friends and family, and were reminded about how wonderful our neighbors and neighborhood are.

My parents ended up staying for most of this past week (after bringing Eloise back up from Boise) so it was really fun to have them in town. We also got a chance to get back into the swing of “real life” after being off for a few weeks; mowing, cleaning, laundry all got done!

Lots of you have asked about Daphne’s potty training since we started just over a week ago. Short story is she is POTTY TRAINED! Honestly, just a few days in we were pretty confident in her abilities as she was self-initiating and has hardly had any accidents. Daphne was just ready and it clicked with her pretty much from day one, to be honest. We are still using diapers at nap time and nighttime, though she generally wakes up dry. I know we still have a little ways to go before she is completely trained, but we are all feeling pretty great about it. We used the “Oh Crap!” method and highly, highly recommend it for anyone who has to potty train a toddler. I know every kid is different, but this method worked wonderfully for both of our girls.

How was your weekend?


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