eloise {last day of pre-k}

{Eloise has been wanting to wear this Minnie Mouse dress to school every single day, but since it was mine as a kid (so it’s vintage, ha!) and I don’t want it to be destroyed, I didn’t want her to wear it until a school day where I knew she wouldn’t be outside in the dirt or painting. She was absolutely delighted that I let her wear it on her very last day!}

Eloise graduated from Pre-K yesterday! And she’s officially a KINDERGARTNER! (How in the world?) She did an amazing job this year transitioning from a play-based school to a more academic curriculum and learned so much. We were really happy with her school, Blossoming Buds Preschool, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great preschool in North Seattle (the school also offers preschool for kids over 2, but we just love Birch School so much!).

We attended her Pre-K Graduation Celebration last evening and it was so, so fun! Sometimes school events aren’t the most fun and you are sort of dying to leave, but Eloise’s classmates, their families, and the teachers and staff were truly amazing. It will be really hard for us not to see all of Eloise’s school friends each day.

Eloise did so well this year, really learning how to write her letters and numbers and learning how to (early) read. And she is SO excited to go to Kindergarten and ride the school bus in the fall.

Here are a few other pictures from yesterday.

{With the graduation banner at school.}

{One of the school mamas brought this little cap and gown set for the kids to take pictures in. They had other graduation caps that they wore during the ceremony and then got to throw up in the air at the very end.}

{Eloise with her Pre-K teachers. They were the BEST!}

{And we actually got a family photo with our little grad!}

And here’s her first day of Pre-K in the fall!

Happy Summer Eloise, our new little Kindergartner!


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