my weekend in pictures.

{We spent the morning watching friends so their mama could go to a yoga class – it takes a village! And Daphne LOVES chairs that are her size.}

{After years of not having much decoration in our bathroom, I finally got a print (from Minted) and a frame to hang on the wall below the clock. It feels so much better now!}

{This silly girl. She loves to wear her swimming goggles at random times. Like when she was playing baby dolls on Friday afternoon.}

{We had family movie night on Friday, complete with popcorn and mini ice cream cones (the ones from Trader Joe’s are such a perfect size!). We watched Smallfoot and it was so cute!}

{Aaron and the girls headed out to the backyard this morning while I took a quick run to the grocery store. Aaron has been waterproofing under our back deck to make room for some storage and workspace. Eloise noticed he was hitting his head and having to duck down this past week while working on it, so she offered to dig and rake dirt around so he didn’t hit his head anymore. She’s such a sweet kid! Also, she got that white sunshirt and her white shorts SO dirty!}

{After I got home from the store, the girls joined me for some chalk art and girl chat while I weeded the front bed around the driveway.}

{This evening we headed down the street to pick cherries at a neighbor’s house – with permission of course. Aaron had to get up on a ladder to reach the ripe cherries as all of the rest of us are, um, vertically challenged!}

{The girls with their cherry stashes! We managed to limit how many the girls ate on the way home, surprisingly, but everyone is excited that it’s cherry season here in the PNW!}

We had a fun weekend mostly enjoying each other’s company and hanging out in the backyard. For both work and play. It was really nice to have almost no plans. Especially since we are heading into an insane week. One of those weeks that will be super fun, but with multiple things all day, every day, it feels a little overwhelming. Seriously, it is all the things this week. BUT Eloise’s Pre-K Graduation Party (and last day of preschool) is on Thursday and we are all pretty excited about that. Of course, I am on the graduation parent committee – big surprise! – so there are lots of things to wrap up before the big celebration. Wish us luck this week!

How was your weekend?


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