my weekend in pictures.

{It was SO nice on Friday. So after music class in the morning, the girls and I headed over to Maple Leaf playground to get some wiggles out (and enjoy the sun), and have our first picnic lunch of the season!}

{Saturday morning was a little grey and drizzly, but we still headed out in the yard. Aaron is starting an under-the-deck waterproofing project which he got a great start on this weekend.}

{And Eloise and I made cocoa rice krispy treats for dessert on Saturday. We had friends over for a BBQ which was apparently so much fun that I didn’t take any pictures. (Which is actually a sign of me having a good time!) Just picture blackberry and lime margaritas, hot dogs and burgers, lots of watermelon, and rice krispy treats!}

{I picked up these peonies at TJ’s on Saturday morning. They are insanely beautiful and I never knew peonies came in yellow? I have some beautiful peonies in the yard as well but can’t get myself to cut them since they seem to last longer on the plant!}

{It was super sunny and warm this morning by the time we got up and out of the house – the girls let us sleep in until 9! – so it was sunscreen, hats, glasses, and sun shirts all around. Daphne does a decent job keeping a hat on – it helps that everyone else had one on too – but she soaked her yellow hat and did some hat rotations thruout the morning.}

{So much play time with the water table this morning. We have space under the deck that is perfect for the girls since it keeps them in the shade.}

{And Aaron mowed the lawn which is growing so, so fast with all of the rain and the sun.}

{I snuck my head around the corner during bedtime this evening to find these two reading stories in the book closet. So sweet. These sisters are really the best!}

{On our walk around the block this evening, we ran into some neighbors who showed Eloise how to make prints from newspaper on Silly Putty. And then were so sweet and gave her the Silly Putty and the Sunday comics so we could do it at home. She was so excited! Anyone else remember doing this as a kid?}

We had SUCH a fun weekend. It was pretty mellow as we only had dinner plans on Saturday night which was sort of amazing. The dinner and the fact that we had zero other plans. That’s not to say that we weren’t busy, but we actually had time to get thru some projects, like finishing sealing the tile and grout in our shower – which I’ve been doing all week, weeding the flower beds, mowing the lawn, and starting the waterproofing. Plus, we had time to just ENJOY the backyard!

We are in a bit of a calm going into this week and into next weekend, and I am going to try to enjoy it before things get insane the following week. We are approaching the end of the school year (and Eloise’s Pre-K graduation!) and all of the things are happening all at once. Deep breath. It’s almost summer!

How was your weekend?


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