my weekend in pictures.

{The very last thing I wanted to do on Friday morning when my alarm went off was work out, but I managed to get in a BBG workout before the girls were up for the day!}

{We headed to U Village to run some errands and, of course, we had to hit up the playground.}

{While I was making lunch, this sweet thing happened. Eloise loves “reading” to Daphne.}

{I made cookies for a few get-togethers we had with friends this weekend and they smelled (& tasted) amazing!}

{Saturday morning was warm and sunny enough that the girls wanted to play in the water table while Aaron and I got a few things done around the yard.}

{Eeek! This second peony bush is about ready to bloom. I am so excited!}

{After a costume change – the girls were soaking wet from the water table and I realized the UV index was pretty high – the girls changed activities. We are loving our backyard this time of year! Also, do you see that poor sad tree to the right of the playhouse? It got scorched in the heat a few weeks ago and hasn’t recovered. We think he’s a goner and will have to replace him in the fall.}

{Birthday party bliss. Eloise and I headed to a school friend’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. And Eloise spent nearly the entire party bouncing in the bouncy house!}

{We headed over to Family Dinner and after dinner and bedtime, we brought out all of the fun snacks and desserts and played Settlers of Catan. It was maybe the longest game ever, but the company was worth it!}

{Sunday afternoon Pure Barre always puts me in a good mood. Although my arms and legs have been shaking ever since!}

We had SUCH a fun weekend with lots of occasions to see friends. Plus, the SUN was out (without being insanely hot)! We are headed into our last week of (intensive) swim lessons for Eloise – WOOT! – and ending the week with Aaron’s birthday (and a date night!) and the holiday weekend. I just can’t believe summer is right around the corner.

How was your weekend?


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