my weekend in pictures.

{I started up with BBG again this week and doing my own sort of summer challenge. I did two of my regular barre workouts plus three BBG workouts this week which ended up being a lot. I am thinking maybe 2 barre classes and 2 BBG workouts per week?}

{After music class on Friday morning we headed around the block to enjoy the summer-y weather.}

{At Eloise’s swim lesson in the afternoon she was a ROCKSTAR! I promised her when she swam with her face in the water that she would get a popsicle from the ice cream cooler at swim class, and she picked a push-up pop. And Daphne couldn’t be left out so she got one for cheering on Eloise.}

{Eloise managed to stay pretty clean. Daphne, not so much.}

{After swim the girls wanted to play outside, so I obliged and enjoyed some time in the shade. It was in the 80s by then and way too hot to be in the sun!}

{On Saturday morning I hosted a small Beautycounter social with a few girlfriends. One of my best friends sells and I love the products, so it was a win! I don’t personally sell Beautycounter, but if you need a hook-up, let me know!}

{Eloise has her first presentation for school next week, so we were working on it together. It’s about the state of New Jersey. It is slightly tricky to prep a presentation when the presenter can’t read yet (mostly) so we are focusing on pictures she can remember and talk about.}

{Eloise had a movie night at school on Saturday and was SO excited. And she insisted on taking a sleeping bag and two blankets even though it was 80 degrees outside.}

{And since Eloise had a movie night, we had our own with Daphne. She enjoyed the popcorn and the lemon cookies the most.}

{We headed to West Seattle this morning and stopped in at Bakery Nouveau!}

{This is the best one we got this morning. Love these little ladies!}

{I somehow managed to get the very last almond croissant – which is my FAV – and Daphne was very interested in sharing.}

{After stuffing ourselves full of French pastries, we strolled down the street to the Farmer’s Market. It made me so excited for the upcoming summer market season!}

{My first farmer’s market bouquet of the season. It’s just so gorgeous!}

{Snuck out this afternoon for my usual Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class. The best way to start the week!}

{And right after I picked up dinner at PCC and met the family at Greenlake for a picnic. Daphne insisted on sitting on my lap for most of her meal, but since I am the slowest eater, I got to enjoy the end of my meal solo!}

{The girls had a blast at the playground this evening. They came home with dirty faces and hands and shoes full of sand. The best!}

We had such a lovely weekend with super sunny weather at the end of the week. Even though we’ve been loving the sun, we are ready for some cooler temperatures that feel a bit more like Seattle spring.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day and was spoiled with the sweetest cards and gifts from the girls and Aaron. We had such a fun day as a family! And a big Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas out there!

How was your weekend?


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