my weekend in pictures.

{Another Friday afternoon, another swim lesson. Eloise is cruisin’ thru her swim lessons this spring and doing so well!}

{Post-swim shenanigans. Eloise’s lessons are at Safe N’ Sound on Westlake and the pool is right on Lake Union. It’s a fun spot to be at when the weather is warm!}

{I mentioned on Instagram Stories, but when the weather is nice, like it has been this week, the girls just spend all of their play time in the backyard and on the back deck. It is awesome. And especially awesome at 5 o’clock when I’m trying to get dinner going, and no one is hanging on my legs!}

{Uncovered the patio furniture since it is supposed to be pretty dry for the next few weeks and it is almost warm enough to eat outside. I am SO excited to spend time out on the deck again this late spring and summer!}

{I just got a manicure kit from Olive & June and treated myself to a much-needed mani this weekend. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the polish color is a “nude” and it is AMAZING!}

{My largest peony plant is just about to bloom. I cannot wait.}

{I spent most of Saturday morning in the yard weeding the beds with Eloise’s help.}

{It seems like our house exterior was just painted but it’s been almost five years! So I had to pick up a new can to do some touch-ups because this one was so, so gross.}

{One of Aaron’s big outdoor projects commenced this weekend. A large trellis on the top of this back fence to help us cover up our neighbor’s lovely white tarp shed roof. When we had huge hedges in the back, it was covered, but ever since we took those down a few years ago, we’ve been dying to get something up to cover it. I’ll be sure to share the final pictures when he’s done.}

{Eloise went to a friend’s birthday party at Froglegs Culinary Academn (at U Village) on Saturday afternoon. It was a drop-off party which was sort of amazing and we are still getting used to that. I spent almost all of my “free time” while she was at the party driving around North Seattle running errands (because traffic was insane due to Opening Day of boating season). But Eloise helped make birthday cupcakes and decorated this doggie gingerbread house. She was so proud!}

{We had a last-minute family dinner and it was so fun! Pizza, ice cream, and all of the kids playing outside. And then there was some post-(kids) bedtime Scrabble. I lost miserably but still had a good time!}

{Daphne wakes up a little earlier than everyone, but stays in her room and grabs all of her books of the bookshelf that she can reach and brings them into bed with her. It’s the cutest thing ever.}

{We picked up the trellis for the backyard project and Eloise thought it was pretty funny that it had to be tied to our roof!}

{I consumed a ridiculous amount of Molly Moon’s ice cream this weekend and I’m not mad about it.}

Ah, this weekend was just so good! The weather was amazingly sunny and dry, and we spent every single minute we could outside. We also got to see lots of friends this weekend and it was wonderful to catch up.

How was your weekend?


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