my weekend in pictures.

{We headed up to Skagit Valley – it’s about an hour north – to the Tulip Festival on Friday morning. It wasn’t too crazy busy so the girls got to run around the grounds.}

{The girls were so happy to have Grammie in town. Good thing she has two hands!}

{Gah, it’s just so pretty!}

{Daphne was trying to smell the tulips.}

{All of the girls. We got so lucky to have a sunny, warmish morning!}

{Eloise ROCKED her swim lesson on Friday afternoon and made it to Seahorse level. She was so proud and so was I. She has been doing SO well in her lessons the past few weeks and has made huge progress. It’s so fun to see her learning to swim and being so brave. And maybe the sucker she gets after every single lesson helps!}

{Mini ice cream cones to celebrate the end of the week! Eloise is super into making funny faces as of late.}

{Painting with Grammie.}

{Waiting for lunch. The girls brought their purses so we had plenty of toys and things to keep us occupied.}

{Pizza night. And wine from a can. Keeping it classy.}

{And then popcorn for movie night. We watched Mary Poppins Returns and Eloise really enjoyed it. Daphne watched some of it and then played, danced, and ate popcorn by the fistful.}

{Doughnuts for second breakfast this morning.}

{We bought a few more plants today for my front pots. I still need some filler flowers – any ideas?}

{Enjoying the sun.}

{Eloise with her new flowers. Complete with the tags.}

{We FaceTimed a lot with Aaron this weekend since he was out of town.}

{Aaron and his Grandpa Neal. They were at a family wedding together in Charlotte this weekend. This might be my favorite picture of them. Plus, Aaron’s bowtie!}

Late last week Grammie flew in and Aaron flew out. It was great for Aaron to go and see his family (or a lot of one side of it). And as much as we all would have loved to go, we loved having Grammie here for a visit too. There were lots of fun spring things to do and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

How was your weekend?


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