spring break {2019} + my weekend in pictures.

As some of you know from my Instagram Stories this week, we spent our Spring Break week out on the coast at Seabrook. We had the BEST time and even though it rained nearly every day, we can’t wait to go back! The town is tiny and super family friendly. Plus, we actually unplugged and felt like we got a little bit of vacation (as much as you can when you have your kiddos in tow). If you live in the Seattle area, Seabrook is such a fun get-away! (Also, if you already saw my Instagram recently, you can skip on thru to my weekend pics!)

{Eloise and Sasquatch. When we first came upon this statute, Eloise was like “What’s his name?” and Aaron and I both said “Sasquatch.” And she was SO confused how we both knew who he was. Ha!}

{We love puzzles but really only do them on vacation. This was the first of three (yes, three!) puzzles that we completed on our trip.}

{So many delicious decisions at the bakery.}

{Daphne ended up with a croissant the size of her head!}

{This little tractor didn’t work but sat in front of the toy shop all week. And Daphne sat in the driver’s seat every time we went by. Also, the girls rode their scooters all over town which explains why they are wearing their helmets in so many of the pictures. They were in heaven!}

{We finally wandered into the right part of town to find the playground.}

{Eloise at the start of the Gnome Trail.}

{The Gnome Trail was this cute little area in the forest that kids and families have built little houses for gnomes. Eloise loved it! And she is already planning on bringing supplies to build her own gnome house on our next trip.}

{And the Gnome Trail led into another winding trail which led to the beach. Yes, please.}

{It was SUPER windy when we got down to the beach, so we didn’t venture out very far onto the sand before turning back around.}

{But we found a view point and it was just so pretty. Not a tropical beach, but PNW beaches are beautiful!}

{And a windy family picture. After this, Daphne was like “No beach,” anytime we went anywhere. She was pretty wind-blown and not too happy about it.}

{Our cutest little house for the week! To be fair, every single house in Seabrook is impossibly cute.}

{Eloise being super silly in this giant chair.}

{Seriously. This is the cutest town ever.}

{The girls enjoying their suckers from the candy store. And a glimpse at what Eloise will look like in 10 years.}

{Daphne made herself super comfortable on Aaron’s lap for movie night. Oh, that tummy Daph!}

{I am SO glad I brought all the rain gear. There were lots of trails around town to explore.}

{Heading out to the newer part of town to see all of the construction.}

{Daphne loves riding on Aaron’s shoulders (she calls it up up) and Aaron loves carrying her on his shoulders.}

{We returned home to the end of our April birthday party circuit to celebrate Austin turning two!}

{And Daphne just loved all of the cars and trucks. Especially this one.}

{The girls all dressed up with their party favors!}

{Yep, another puzzle to get Aaron thru the weekend!}

{Eloise really wanted me to take a picture of her with this doggie hanger (which was mine when I was a kid). I’m not sure why, but she looks so darling.}

{I shared last week that I was just one class away from 250 Pure Barre classes, and after being gone all week, I did it this afternoon! Holy cow, I’ve spent 250 hours doing barre. Woot woot!}

Even though we didn’t get a sunny and warm trip to the beach for Spring Break, we all had such a fun week! It truly was such a great trip with Aaron and the girls where we really felt like we had quality family time together.

It definitely feels like April in Seattle with some showers, but the flowers and trees in our yard are AMAZING! The rhodie is just starting to bloom (bright pink this year), the tulips are gorgeous (and I am planting a million more this fall), the hydrangeas are starting to leaf out, and even my peonies are up (with the big one nearly blooming already)! Almost all of our house projects lined up for the spring and summer are for the backyard, and I can’t wait to spend SO much time out there in the coming months.

How was your weekend?


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