my weekend in pictures.

{Eloise and I headed to a school friend’s birthday party at Playdate Seattle on Saturday morning. This is an indoor playspace and it was perfect for the drizzly weather we had all day on Saturday. It is so crazy that her friends are turning FIVE!}

{We hosted close friends for dinner and the kids played so well together!}

{These two. They have grown up together and are just so sweet. We’ve known each other since these girls were 5 weeks old! Friends for life.}

{Eloise came home earlier this week and asked if we could decorate for Easter. And then she drew this picture. On the right-hand-side is the Easter bunny. On the left is the Easter bunny’s dad. I love this kid!}

{I got a fun surprise email this evening after my barre class. 249 classes, wahoo! I’ll take my 250th class next weekend since we’ll be out of town this week.}

We had a fun weekend that was full of seeing friends and managing to fit in at least five scooter rides in-between the rain storms. And we are heading into spring break (for the girls) this week, so we are packing up for the coast! I’ll be updating on my Instagram Stories if you’re interested.

How was your weekend?

As some of you know, we had to say good-bye to our sweet Sadie girl on Thursday morning. She was an amazing dog that had an amazing impact on our lives. There isn’t a single day we won’t remember her love and devotion. The house feels empty in a way that only time will fill. Thank you to everyone for all of your support as we adjust to our new normal.

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