my weekend in pictures.

{We ran into the Easter Bunny while out running errands Friday morning. I was surprised the girls were so eager to get this close, given their track records with Santa. Ha!}

{The girls and I finally got to Gas Works Park to see the new-ish playground. It was such a beautiful day!}

{Eloise had her first real homework assignment for school to celebrate her 100th Day of school. She had to bring in 100 of something. And she chose beads. So Aaron helped her count them in a bunch of different ways. They both had so much fun.}

{Eloise leaves little notes all over the house now. She left one for me on my nightstand. It’s the sweetest!}

{Coloring has been such a hit with the girls recently. Eloise has always been into anything art-related, but Daphne has really gotten into it recently!}

{We had dinner with Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah on Saturday evening and the girls were SO happy about it!}

{Yum! Dim sum brunch this morning with the Andersons at Din Thai Fung.}

{We headed to the UW Quad to see the cherry blossoms, along with basically everyone else in the city! Jess was sweet enough to take a family picture. This was the outtake… go see the other one on my Instagram!}

{Oh, this kid!}

{My girls.}

{Even though it was so, so busy at the U, the cherry blossoms really were so, so beautiful!}

{We headed down to see Drumheller Fountain and strolled around campus for a bit. The kids loved the water.}

{We headed down the Ave en route back to our car and passed Finn MacCool’s. This is the bar where Aaron and I first met almost 12 years ago!}

{I headed out to barre this afternoon, and Aaron and Eloise started planting the raised beds.}

We had SUCH a fun and sunny weekend. We spent lots of time in the yard on Saturday morning (I finally finished weeding all of the flower beds!) and then again this afternoon. It’s been so nice to spend time out there and really enjoy the yard. So excited for this spring and summer!

We have a fun week to look forward to with music class starting (for Daphne and me), a friend’s birthday party, and dinner with friends. But I cannot even believe it’s going to be April! What?!

How was your weekend?


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