my weekend in pictures.

{We had a much-needed lazy Friday morning where Eloise and I hung out in our jammies mostly, but Daphne wanted to be just in her diaper. And rain boots.}

{Saturday morning started off with sleeping in and a hair cut. Eloise was up first. She was insistent on trimming a few inches off. A fresh cut for spring.}

{And then it was Daphne’s turn. For her FIRST haircut! She really needed to be in the car chair.}

{Once we got thru the tears over wearing the smock, Daphne was awesome! She wiggled a bit, but that’s why you go to a children’s hairdresser, right? Daphne just had a few inches trimmed to clean up the ends and she still has the slightest wave at the ends.}

{Playing at the playground getting all of those wiggles out.}

{It’s Superwoman!}

{Daphne’s official first hair cut picture. Aw, my heart.}

{Enjoying their suckers (and the sunshine) after their cuts.}

{I decided to head out to grocery shop earlier this afternoon – crazy, I know! But I have a few secret parking spots at U Village, so it wasn’t too terrible. And naturally, since I was already there, I went ahead and shopped for jeans before I hit the grocery store.}

{We had friends over for the evening. These kiddos are so sweet together!}

{Aaron and I managed to make muffins for easier breakfasts this week (the girls will eat them with scrambled eggs and fruit) while all of the kids entertained themselves.}

{A walk around the neighborhood with this sweet crew. It’s like herding cats, as you can imagine.}

We enjoyed the slightly cooler, but still sunny-ish weather by spending so much time in the yard (both days) doing some clean-up in the flower beds. It felt so good to be outside and got me excited for all of the summer days we’ll spend out in the backyard!

We also got in a family movie night on Saturday. We watched Monsters University (which I didn’t even know was a thing, though I loved Monsters Inc.) and the girls really enjoyed it. Eloise is pretty focused on the movie and seems to understand a lot of the story line, and Daphne is all about the music!

How was your weekend?


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