my weekend in pictures.

I never shared pictures from last weekend, so I thought I would share those this week too! We were out on Whidbey Island for the long, holiday weekend with friends and had SUCH a fun time! And thank you to Amanda for capturing so many great memories!

{Our rental house was right on the beach, so the kids spent SO much time out there exploring.}

{It was so beautiful, but so cold!}

{My favorite pair of sisters on Earth!}

{Yay! These kids love each other so much. And they also fight like siblings.}

{Obligatory Instagram pics! Ironically which did not go up on Instagram…}

{The fearless threesome. And just the best group of older siblings.}

{“Let’s dig to China!” The idea was pretty quickly shut down but the enthusiasm stuck around all weekend long.}

And here’s onto this weekend.

{Eloise was giving Daphne a lesson in counting. And colors.}

{We caught a break between rainstorms on Saturday morning and gave Daphne her birthday present early. A new scooter just like her sister. She’s not totally confident yet but doing SO well!}

{Saturday evening, about 30 minutes before we generally have dinner, I realized that the meal we had planned would definitely not be ready for us to eat anywhere close to on-time. So we called an audible and headed down to our favorite local burger place, Rain City! And then we came home and finished watching Sesame Street which Eloise is super into these days.}

{While we were out at U Village, I snuck over to Molly Moon’s to pick up some waffle cones and a pint of ice cream. And after the girls went to bed, Aaron and I had “Happy Birthday Misha” ice cream cones and watched a movie. Maybe the perfect Saturday night.}

{After a few nights of Daphne being upset at night but being sleepy enough to not stand up in her crib, I decided that I (and my back) were ready for her to be in a toddler bed. I was afraid of throwing my back out lifting her up since I barely can get her in and out of the crib as it is! So we did a test run starting at Daphne’s naptime (knowing we could always put the crib side back on) and she did so well! She went right to sleep for both naptime and bedtime. Plus, knock on wood, she didn’t get up out of bed when she was awake!}

We had a fun, but pretty low-key weekend. Since my birthday was during the week, it didn’t get much attention (with the snow, Aaron’s crazy work schedule recently, all the medical stuff with Daphne, etc.), so Aaron decided we should celebrate again on Saturday! And then I decided that we should always re-celebrate a birthday on a weekend day if it falls during the week! And even though I didn’t really want to work on house stuff for my birthday, our office was looking and feeling a little crazy, and now that we’ve taken a big pile of things to be donated and another pile of things are listed on our neighborhood’s Buy Nothing group, I am feeling so much better!

We are gearing up for a fun, but busy week and I am looking forward to a little normalcy now that the kids will be back in school; two weeks ago we had basically all snow days and then this past week was mid-winter break for the girls from school. Eloise has a music performance at school tomorrow (I am going to try to film it and will share it over on Instagram at least) and then my parents come into town and we will be celebrating Daphne’s SECOND birthday! How in the world is she going to be TWO?

How was your weekend?


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