my weekend in pictures.

{We headed out to Whole Foods on Friday morning to pick up dinner stuff to take to a friend and to get some things for the weekend, and the lines were insane! When snow is in the forecast in Seattle, people go nuts and buy tons of food.}

{The snow was so pretty all lit up after we dropped by to drop dinner off with neighbors and meet their new baby!}

{I don’t love the snow, but I do love our house in the snow! And you can see Daphne in the window waiting for Eloise and me to return.}

{A selfie with Ander and Daphne. I love their sweet little friendship.}

{Our friends who live just up the block have an awesome sledding hill right outside their house, so we headed over there on Saturday morning! Loved these kiddos all dressed up in snow gear. (Eloise was having a bit of a tough morning – read: throwing a tantrum – and missed the first part of the hang out.) The kids sledded a bit and played with some snow before we all got cold and headed inside for some hot chocolate by the fire.}

{All of the snow made for a perfect family movie night and we let Daphne stay up for the fun (her first movie)! We watched Inside Out which everyone really liked! And amazingly, both of the girls stayed up for the entire thing!}

{We were at a friend’s house for dinner tonight and were having so much fun, but had to head out in order to beat some of the snow. We got about 3 inches this evening and have a total of ELEVEN inches of snow out there on our back deck! The Seattle Snopocalypse is very, very real.}

Well, school has already been cancelled for tomorrow, and I am hoping we can spend most of the day making Valentine’s and not going totally stir-crazy. There may be another big storm headed for the city, so we hit the grocery store this morning for food for the entire week in case we have to hunker down (I hate to drive in the snow and ice). I am really hoping the kids can head back to school earlier in the week since next week is mid-winter break!

An update on Daphne: her elbow has gotten worse again over the past day-ish, including a fever and lathargy today. She was better this evening and we put her soft cast back on (which is great because we were contemplating an ER visit.) We are headed (hopefully) to an orthopedic specialist at Children’s Hospital this week to get a more detailed assessment of what is going on in her elbow. Wish us luck! (And I will probably update over on Instagram stories.)

Also, it is Eloise’s half birthday, but we got busy and forgot to take her picture. Her half yearly post should be up tomorrow so check back!

How was your weekend?


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