my {long} weekend in pictures.

{I was up super early, caught an Uber at 5 am, and off to San Diego for the long weekend!}

{My first official bridesmaid duty was to get a mani and pedi. It was so fun to catch up with my girlfriends and get pampered. With bubbles of course!}

{We kicked off the evening wine tasting. On the very left is Emily, the bride-to-be, and then Jennifer and Julie on my other side. I have known these girls since I was a kid (Jen I met at age 12, Julie at 14, and Emily at 15).}

{On Friday we stopped at the cutest little shopping market called Liberty Station.}

{Rehearsal dinner on Friday night.}

{The ladies.}

{And Aaron flew out on Friday afternoon, after dropping off the girls, and landed just in time to meet us for dinner.}

{The bride-to-be and her bridal crew!}

{Eye masks for the morning of the wedding.}

{The head table. The table arrangements and candles were SO beautiful. And it made me want flowers and candles on my dining table all the time.}

{My insanely handsome wedding date.}

{With three of my favorite people on the planet. And isn’t Emily so gorgeous in her dress!}

{First dance.}

{Julie gave a speech on behalf of all three of us girls and it was amazing! I wish I would have recorded it. It was so perfect.}

{When there’s a photobooth!}

{And we couldn’t resist another round between all of the dancing.}

{It poured rain nearly the entire afternoon and evening on Saturday – the day of the wedding – so we were delighted to find the sun on Sunday! And we headed out to Mission Beach to spend our last day by the beach.}

{After brunch, we hopped on some scooters, and oh my gosh it was so fun! We zoomed around a bit with Aaron before he flew out, and then took two more rides (up and down the boardwalk) before we headed to the airport!}

{I had NO idea that snow was even in the forecast for Seattle until there was an announcement that we had to de-board the plane for a two-hour delay in our flight. It was snowing when we finally landed (at nearly midnight) but it was SO good to be home!}

And the girls had a FUN weekend with our friends who watched them.

{Waiting for the school bus!}

{NOODLES! Oh, those cheeks Daph.}

{Playing outside.}

{And matching braids. My mama heart was bursting!}

{This morning Daphne (and Eloise) were SO excited to see the snow! It was snowing for most of the morning and we ended up with at least 3 or 4 inches. School was cancelled for sure.}

{It was insanely cold today, and will be all week apparently, but the snow was really pretty!}

{Eloise was invited over for a snow day play date with a friend and had a blast all morning!}

{Then she came home and after Daphne went down for a nap, the two of us headed outside to play in the snow. She told me she had been waiting and waiting for it to snow in Seattle! This is her snowman, Baldy.}

{And after naptime, we bundled up again so Daphne could be out in the snow. She wasn’t too sure and pretty much just wanted to be held. It was cold enough that there is a layer of ice everywhere so she wasn’t too sure about walking.}

{Ah, these two!}

Daphne also turned 23 months on February 1st! And in that post I explain why she has a (soft) cast on her arm.

We all had such an AMAZING weekend, and I really was reminded that it truly takes a village. The girls spent the weekend with friends who love them like family, and Aaron and I spent the weekend celebrating with friends who feel like family!

It should be an interesting week given the snow, but I am so excited it is February! (Also, how is it already February?)

How was your weekend?


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