my weekend in pictures.

{Out for a neighborhood walk on Friday morning. We slept in a bit and stayed in our jammies so we didn’t have time to head to a playground or the Zoo, but the sun was out so we had to get out of the house!}

{This was Daphne dancing on Friday evening and I have already shared it on Instagram Stories but it is possibly my very favorite thing EVER!}

{We noticed on Friday afternoon/evening that Daphne was having trouble with her elbow. The skin was hot to the touch, it looked slightly bruised, and she did not want to straighten it. BUT she was acting completely normally and even using that arm to eat and color and play. We called the nurse’s line at our ped’s office and determined we didn’t need to head into urgent care or the ER. We were able to get an appointment first thing on Saturday morning, and the doctor took x-rays, just in case. There was one set of x-rays Daphne didn’t want to take because she needed to extend her arm a little bit, but she ended up being such a champ! It’s not broken – yay! – and the doctor thinks she may have pulled her lower arm out of its socket and then it corrected itself, but caused some inflammation. Fingers crossed it heals up soon!}

{Daphne found a new piano bench!}

{Our Daphne bushes (the two in the back row) that we planted in the fall are starting to bloom (!) and so I added some other winter/early spring bloomers to the bed.}

{Eloise is learning how to read in school – it is amazing to witness – and she loves to read (slash she has the books memorized) to Daphne whenever they are sitting still.}

{We had family movie night on Saturday, and I introduced Eloise and Aaron to Lilo and Stitch. It is WAY funnier than I remember it being!}

{Don’t let their faces fool you. Right in front of them was an amazing display of baked goods!}

{I LOVE living within walking distance of an amazing bakery/coffee shop. (Though it isn’t convenient enough for me to go every day!) We grabbed a few things as second breakfast with some friends before heading to the playground.}

{Watching the girls create friendships has been so fun to see. And it helps when you are friends with the parents too.}

We had a pretty adventurous weekend with the low definitely being Daphne’s elbow. She seems to be feeling pretty good, unless we need or want her to straighten her arm (like to put on a shirt) so we are hoping she will be all healed up soon. Plus, we feel like it’s a win that we are almost 4.5 years into parenting before our first set of x-rays. Ha! We got to see lots of friends this weekend, including dinner with Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah (who always bring cookies)! I am in complete disbelief that it is the last week of January, but am looking forward to a super exciting week!

How was your weekend?


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