daphne {month twenty two}

{tee: Cheerily (with DIY embroidery) // jeans: Cat & Jack // alligator: JellyCat}

{month twenty two} Happy New Year! And we are closing in on the final countdown to Daphne’s second birthday – how is it just two months away?

The biggest change this past month has been Daphne’s speech. She is such a chatterbox and spends the entire day chatting or singing, but she is really starting to use words to communicate, including stringing more than one word together. I know from Eloise that these next few months will bring such huge leaps in language, and we are so excited! Her vocabulary is also exploding and it’s impossible for me to keep track of every word she is saying at this point.

Daphne LOVES babies, both real and pretend. Every time she sees a picture of a baby (or a young child) she points and says “Awww!” which was really cute this past month since our house has been littered with about 7,000 (okay, maybe not quite that many but it’s a lot) of our friends’ Christmas and holiday cards. And if she sees a real baby, she wants to go up and see it and hold it (if she has her way).

She points out mamas, papas, and babies in every single picture she sees. We are also working on brothers and sisters (or other family members) but babies are her real focus! She also loves to point out where everyone’s eye is. We are teaching her that she cannot touch someone else’s eye (or her own really) but she is so fascinated with eyes!

Daphne still loves books and lately she will bring you one, turn around, put her arms up, and then back right into your lap so that you can read her that book. And she loves to read the same books over and over again, though right now her favorites are anything Daniel Tiger, Oh No George!, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and Llama Llama Red Pajama or any of her Babybug or Highlights Hello magazines.

Daphne loves LOVES singing and dancing, and every single night since about mid-December Eloise and Daphne have put on a musical show. Generally Eloise will take the lead, but as soon as Daphne hears her starting to sing or play, she runs up near the fireplace and sings along. Her very favorite song is still “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” though she was pretty into Christmas songs as well. And if she hears a song playing, especially in the car, that she doesn’t like or want to listen to, she’ll let you know by saying “No!”

{weight} 32ish pounds.
{hair} blackish brown.
{teeth} four bottom teeth, top four teeth, four molars, four canines.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} 2T.
{diapers} size 6 {from the honest company}.

{likes} babies, any type of accessory (hat, bag or purse, bracelet, necklace), Albee the Alligator, an old remote that she holds up to her ear like a phone, watching and chasing the Roomba, picking her nose, eating, bath time with Eloise, watching big kids or babies,  chewing on anything, sitting in her highchair, banging on her tray, staring at her quilt (from Amanda), rattles, riding in the car (usually), her big sister Eloise, Sadie, singing, lights, paci, being bounced, being tickled, talking, her Lovie.
{dislikes} seeing some type of food on a plate that she doesn’t have, having gas, lying down flat, being hungry or tired, having her face or nose wiped off, sunscreen put on her face.

{nicknames} Daph, Daph Daph, Daphers, Bug, Daphne Doo, Daph-a-doo, Love, Lovebug.

And here is Eloise’s twenty two month update.

Happy twenty two months Daphne!

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2 thoughts on “daphne {month twenty two}

  1. Hard to believe she is almost 2 yrs old! Misha she is just the cutest thing ever❤️ So lovable! I just want to hold her and snuggle her. Well they are both beautiful little girls and my Mother has your Christmas card/pics on her refrigerator. When someone is looking at them she always says,” aren’t they the cutest little girls?” Although they may never get to know their Grandma Great, she certainly knows and loves them! She loves recieving pics of them! I wish you could all have gotten to know my Mom. She’s the sweetest❤️ She still remembers how Aaron came over and sat down to talk to her the first time she ever met him and talks about how nice that was of him. He was still in school and had come home for Christmas and went to our family Christmas with us at Mounds Park in Anderson.

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