my weekend in pictures.

{After a bit of a rough week – we definitely underestimated Aaron’s recovery! – it was nice to end the (work) week with an easy go-to meal: our favorite tortellini soup!

{The girls and I headed over to Roaring Mouse Art Studio on Saturday morning for a fun holiday crafting event. It was so sweet to see Eloise show us around since she had been there for summer camp, and also to see Daphne being able to participate. There aren’t very many art events (or really any kid activities) for kids under 2, so I jumped at the chance to do this event since it was ages 1 to 5.}

{We got home from our art class just in time for lunch, but Daphne couldn’t wait to eat. Apparently. It’s trouble now that she can open the pantry doors and the fridge!}

{Family dinner on Saturday night is always a treat!}

{Daphne LOVES reading just like her big sister (and her mama). I was busy this morning prepping for our party and she sat down and read to herself. Those crossed feet.}

{Eloise LOVED having all of her friends to come over and play this morning, and enjoy some Christmas-y treats. I didn’t get very many pictures, but I shared a few snippets over on my Instagram Stories.}

{I came home from Pure Barre this evening to find the cutest sight. Little rain boots. Aaron and the girls took a neighborhood walk while I was out.}

{We have SO many sweet treats left over from our party this morning and I can’t stop eating these peanut M&Ms. So I am really glad I made it to my barre class this afternoon since I substantially increased my calorie intake today just with these guys!}

We had a fun-filled weekend that felt really Christmas-y. We got a lot of face time with friends, and hosted our second annual hot cocoa party which was super fun! It was a TON of kids but it’s amazing to see our friends all together and think about our girls growing up with such wonderful families in their lives.

Eloise has her last week of school this week and we have a packed week, trying to get in everything before the long holiday weekend – is it a weekend or does it always seem like a weekend over the holidays??

Also, lots of people have checked in (which is so sweet) and Aaron is recovering. It was a bit of a rough week which I think (honestly) took us both by surprise. We were told it was going to be hard, but just didn’t realize how hard. And his worst day was Tuesday evening into Wednesday which was also slightly earlier than we expected… but he’s doing so much better and hope he’ll be back to 100% by Christmas!

How was your weekend?


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