my weekend in pictures.


{We headed downtown bright & early on Friday morning to see Santa at Nordy’s with our friends which has been a Christmas tradition since E was a baby. The girls were all smiles until we got our face-to-face with Santa. I am still waiting for the professional photos to share, but, spoiler alert, it was a doozy.}


{Afterwards the girls had a blast though since the line was so quick this year we had time to stop for some chocolate-y treats. And then Eloise and her friend figured out they had matching hats and such cuteness ensued.}


{Dr. Daphne checking in on her patients.}


{And the girls reading together. My mama heart was melting.}


{Aaron’s brother David headed up to see us for the weekend and after a delish dinner at Din Thai Fung, we headed home for bedtime stories.}


{Daphne watching Aaron put up the Christmas lights outside. Now it really feels so much more like Christmas around here!}


{Eloise “playing” X-Box with Aaron and David. There is a fun cooking game that we can play with multiple players and Eloise wanted in on the fun. She didn’t know her controller wasn’t actually on, but she had so much fun just being part of the game!}


{Last night we braved the cold and walked down to Roosevelt for dinner. It was brisk but fun to see our neighborhood all lit up for Christmastime.}


{Aaron headed out last night with his brothers, so after I put the girls to bed, I snuggled in with hot cocoa, cookies*, and watched Love Actually. It was the best.}

*Have you tried the Pepperidge Farm Shortbread Cookies? Amazing. Thanks for the introduction mom!

We had a fun, albeit rainy and wet, weekend with Uncle David in town! It felt a bit more festive since Eloise had a Christmas crafting workshop on Saturday morning at her school, bringing home the cutest Christmas projects, and the final decor being hung (the outside lights). And I can’t believe we are heading into the MIDDLE of December. What?! Luckily Eloise still has two more weeks of school before her winter break starts so my days will feel normal-ish still.

Wish us, well mostly Aaron, luck as he heads in for a tonsillectomy tomorrow morning. Ugh. Poor guy. We are hoping for a quick and painless (well, let’s be honest, minimally painful) recovery. He’ll be down for a while and his surgeon told him to lay low for TWO full weeks (for recovery) so we’ll use it as our Christmas countdown. We are taking it much slower this coming week for sure.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Thank you for the Christmas card and picture. Duane and I wish you all a happy Christmas 🎄.
    Good luck with the surgery, Aaron. I remember when your dad was about two and had a tonsillectomy.
    If Doc says, “Lie low,” then lie low !! 😍
    You’ll be glad you did. Bring on the popsicles , sp ? ice cream, pudding and
    jello. 😂
    ❤️Aunt Susan

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