A Pinterest Christmas {2018}

This year I had high hopes of continuing one of my very favorite blogging traditions which is A Pinterest Christmas. It is a DIY series that I started back in 2011! {You can see all of the posts from the series here.}

But alas, as I have been stepping back a bit from things (to avoid over commitment, for which I am famous for this time of year) somethings had to give and this was one of them. At least for now. I do have a few “projects” that are waiting to be done but there feels like so much to be done with just general Christmas festivities and the closing of The Petite Flag Shop that the list is unlikely to be completed in the coming weeks. But, I did think it would be fun to share my favorite projects over the years in this post!

{Keepsake Ornaments} These are some of my most treasured ornaments on the tree which I have done with our wedding invitation and both of the girls’ birth announcements. I have also gifted them to friends for their babies’ first Christmases as well.

{Wedding Invitation}


{Eloise’s Birth Announcement}

{Mason Jar Snowglobe Forest} These are some of my favorite decorations and while they started on the dining room table (in years past), they now grace the top of the mantle.


{Mason Jar Snowglobe Forest}

{Teacher Tote Bag} My favorite Christmas gift we have given Eloise’s teachers and I am tempted to make one for each of her teachers every single year!


{Teacher Tote Bag}

It is a bit up-in-the-air whether I will blog any more on A Pinterest Christmas this year, but stay tuned because I might just surprise everyone this year!

Are you up to any holiday projects this year? Do share!



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