my weekend in pictures.

{We didn’t have any real plans going into Friday, but I did need to go to the grocery store, so U Village made the most sense! Plus, after sitting in the cart and eating all of the snacks in the entire store (seriously, there was an apple, orange, two slices of cheese, one granola bar, and a pouch consumed during our trip) the girls got their wiggles out on the playground!}


{After Eloise’s ballet class on Saturday morning, we headed over to the local tree lot to pick up the annual Lower family Christmas tree! I promise everyone was way happier about it than they look in this picture.}


{I love seeing Christmas trees on the tops of cars this time of year.}


{Nailed it. Guys, I shared on Instagram Stories, but every single year we have lived in this house we have always bought a tree that ended up being way too short. So this year, we bought one that was HUGE! We had to re-arrange our living room and trim the top branches, but this tree is perfect in our front window.}


{Last week of the Shop being open! If you see anything that you want, now’s the time to order (and if there’s something Sold Out or not listed, email me at If you buy 3 or more flags, use the code GOODBYE for $10 off your order!}


{We headed out to Factoria this morning for a birthday party and the girls only wanted to be with Papa.}


{And then Eloise and I came home and changed so we could head out to see The Nutcracker!}


{It was such a good show! I haven’t seen it in years but was not disappointed. And I have forgotten how “famous” all of the songs are from Act II – it’s like quintessential Christmas!}


{Me and my date. This is the first year Eloise has seen The Nutcracker and she LOVED it! I wasn’t sure how Eloise would do since the show is about 2 hours long (and even I have trouble sitting!) but she was awesome. We went with friends this year and hope to continue it as a holiday tradition. It’s so fun!}


{And our matching sparkly shoes. The best!}

We had a fun and very BUSY weekend. It was just so crammed full. And as much as I can’t believe it is already the first weekend of December, it feels like it should be much later, like mid-December. Maybe it was because we weren’t home for Thanksgiving so I didn’t get a jump-start on Christmas decorations or because everyone else decorated early this year or what, but I have felt so behind with “Christmas stuff” for the entire week. We have about half of the ornaments up on the tree and stockings hung, but honestly that’s it. There are already so many things to do this week, but I am hoping to finish decorating the house so it feels more festive!

How was your weekend?


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