my {thanksgiving} weekend in pictures.

We headed to Boise to celebrate Thanksgiving, so here are a smattering of pictures from the entire week! Also, I was terrible at capturing many moments (I blame it on the unplugging) and missed a lot of great moments, like a family photo at Thanksgiving dinner, and meeting one of my best friend’s sweet daughter (just 11 days old) and seeing my oldest and dearest girlfriends!


{Aaron and I headed out on an unexpected date night on Wednesday. I had a hair cut scheduled in the evening and my parents offered to watch the girls so we could grab a bite to eat after my appointment. We were lucky to snag a table right away at the freshly opened Diablo & Sons, then headed across the street to Pie Hole for a slice and a PBR (for Aaron since it was $1.25), and then rounded everything out with fried ice cream at The Matador.}


{And then we got home and Aaron promptly fell asleep with Izzy.}


{My mama’s gorgeous Thanksgiving table! Just pretend there is also a picture of everyone seated at the table too.}


{Eloise and Mimi did LOTS of art projects this week, and Eloise was in heaven.}


{We introduced a few board games as well. This one was a little old for her, but she rocked at Guess Who!}


{My sister was the Queen of Forts growing up and eagerly took Eloise up on her request to help build a fort for her and Daphne.}


{Eloise enjoyed some brisk walks with Izzy around the neighborhood.}


{And we got a SECOND date night cheering on the Broncos Saturday night. We had one of my oldest and best friends come over and watch the girls, and Aaron and I headed down to the stadium with my parents. It was so fun to see a game on the Blue (turf), watch the Broncos win (yay!) and catch up with a few old friends we ran into.}

{Our seats were covered and cushy but it was still very COLD!}

{A great Bronco win!}


{Two of Daphne’s favorite things: her Papa and cheese crackers.}


{And Eloise made me the sweetest little book. I’m not crying, you’re crying.}


{Story time with Mimi. Daphne recently has been sitting for the first few pages of a book, then closes it, and waves and says BYE BYE.}


{A yummy teppanyaki dinner for our last night.}


{Our new routine for driving home from Boise has been to hit the road by 6 am (girls in their jammies) and drive to Baker City to have breakfast at Sumpter Junction which is this great little train restaurant (that I know I have shared before). Well, we had just gotten our table when we heard a knocking on the window. We looked up to see one of our best friends (from PEPS) at the window with his entire family! (Our oldest girls have known each other since they were just a few weeks old.) They were also leaving Boise to head back to Seattle and it was SO fun to have breakfast together! The kids were a little nuts and it was like herding cats, but so fun. Also, this is the best family picture we got. Ha!}


{Eloise drew a picture of our family. She has been drawing people a lot recently and it is my favorite thing ever.}



{And this is us trying to get all of our wiggles out after eating lunch in Yakima and spending a few more hours in the car.}

We had such a wonderful week in Boise with my family celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoying spending time together.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of November. Geez, where did fall go? And Christmas is just right around the corner! I have gotten almost all of my Christmas shopping done (thanks to early Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales) but the house isn’t decorated yet. I am hoping to get some decor up around the house this week and then get our tree this weekend!

How was your weekend?


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