my {long} weekend in pictures.

This week was a freakin’ doozy, guys. Maybe my least favorite of all of the weeks so far. It started off on Monday evening with me at urgent care after taking a divot out of my finger (from trying to dice sweet potatoes) to mid-week having Aaron diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth,  and then quarantining ourselves, canceling all of the fun plans we had for the rest of the week and our entire weekend! {Of course, it was a super-packed weekend. Naturally.}

But Aaron is on the mend and (fingers crossed and knocking on so much wood) neither of the girls nor me have caught this dreaded, and very contagious, illness. Phew!

The weekend was gorgeous but we are all going a little stir-crazy and hoping for a very uneventful, but healthy week ahead! I did take a couple of pictures to share, but honestly it was a LOT of hanging out in the house…


{Eloise and I headed out to ballet on Saturday morning since neither of us were showing any symptoms of HFM, and then picked up some pastries on our way home. Eloise chose a pretzel as large as her head to share!}


{And in the post-dinner craziness I managed to catch Daphne dressed up as a bat doctor fairy. (That is Eloise waving her fairy want in the background!)}

I hope everyone had a super fun and healthy long weekend!


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