my weekend in pictures.


{We were still feeling festive around here post-Halloween!}


{Please, please, please, if you do nothing else this week, go and VOTE! I know that it’s only mid-year elections, but it is so important to voice your opinion and participate in the democratic process! #andoffmysoapbox}


{Ballet on Saturday morning. Sometimes it’s like the teacher is herding cats, but then sometimes it looks like ballet!}


{The girls got play-doh for Halloween from our neighbor and have been asking to play with it all week. Play-doh is probably my least favorite activity, but I indulged them this morning!}


{And then we headed outside to the sunshine! It was such a perfect fall day today. And Aaron and I got our workout in by raking all of the leaves in the front and back yards!}


{Post-Pure Barre Challenge I am back to my regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon class with my favorite lady, Sami, and her sweetest little one! It’s been a nice break to not have 4 barre classes this week, but I am adding a 6 am class into my workout rotation (starting this week but hopefully indefinitely) so wish me luck!}


{Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah came over for dinner this evening, and Ben and Eloise were taking requests on the Kazoo Trumpet. They were so sweet together, making up goofy songs.}

We had such a fun weekend and it flew by! Eloise had a movie & pizza night at school on Saturday night, so Aaron, Daphne, and I had a little one-on-one time which was nice. Our closet doors in the entryway went up and just need to be painted (yay!) and some other to-dos got done. A great way to head into the week!

How was your weekend?


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