daphne {month twenty}


{alligator: Jelly Cat // tee: Zara // jeans: babyGap (old; similar)}


{And here’s the priceless outtake! I took away Daphne’s pacifier and it didn’t go well.}

{month twenty} Gosh Daphne girl, you are just the sweetest little one ever. And just so cute. People stop us all. the. time. when we are out to comment on how cute she is. I think it’s the cheeks. Plus, Daphne is super friendly and waves and says “hello” or “hi” to almost everyone!

This past month we hit a big milestone which was to take the tray and baby set (the plastic seat part where the tray attaches) off of Daphne’s highchair. We left the buckles on, but she sits in her seat right up at the table now. We try to buckle her in during mealtimes because she likes to stand up in her chair but she does really well getting in and out of her chair. She also really loves to buckle the buckle and frequently finishes up mealtime earlier than everyone so that she can climb down and buckle. And then eventually we will take off the buckles and we will continue to adjust the chair so she can sit comfortably at the table over the next few years.

Daphne is really doing well with communication, both verbal and signing, but I am really astounded by how much she understands. Just the other day we had this conversation: “Daphne, what do you want for lunch?” “Cheese! Apple!” She is very opinionated about her food and will tell you “yes” or “no” if you give her options, but mostly she will just go to the pantry or fridge and point to what she wants (spoiler alert: it’s almost always a Lara Bar or cheese). Though she still is a good eater, not necessarily in quantity anymore, but she will try anything at least once! But back to Daphne listening, it is amazing what she understands and will complete simple requests or answer questions.

One funny thing this past month was that she called pumpkins “mummys” and any time we saw a pumpkin, which was inevitably everywhere, she would point and say “MUMMY!” Usually she will try to correct herself if she says a word and we say something different, but with pumpkins she was not at all interested in trying to say “pumpkin.”

Daphne has started to realize that she has control over things and has started saying yelling “ME!” anytime she is holding something or has something that someone else is trying to take away or wants. This past weekend we were at a friends’ house carving pumpkins and I hear Daphne yelling “NO! ME! ME!” and I realized that she was talking to the dog who was trying to eat the cookie that was in her hand. It was so funny! But she has become a lot more protective of things that she has, especially when playing with Eloise. Learning to stand her ground!

I shared a video of Daphne singing (complete with hand motions) on my Instagram Stories, but that is all day, every day around here. Daphne is always singing something and it is almost always “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” I wasn’t sure at first and thought maybe I was just making it up, but then Aaron mentioned it, and even the caretaker at daycare the other day! Daphne is so into music, more than any kid I have ever seen, so I am going to try to get her into another music class, stat! Piano lessons, here we come! (Just kidding, not quite yet.)

Daphne has a few favorite things, but Albert the Alligator (who is pictured above and in every other monthly picture) is affectionately known as Albee and behind Daphne’s lovie and paci, he is next up. We don’t let Daphne take her lovie and paci all over the house, so she settles for taking Albee upstairs and out and about or in the car. At night I have noticed that Daphne uses Albee as a pillow in her crib, so I am thinking about getting her a tiny toddler pillow.

When Eloise gets out of school, she gets a sticker on her hand from her teacher right before we see her. Well, Daphne has figured this out and nearly every day Eloise will give her sticker to Daphne. So now Daphne sees Eloise after school and outs out her hand, waiting for her sticker! And then once Daphne has the sticker, she sticks it all over everything and then gets super frustrated when it is no longer sticky…

Daphne, as I have mentioned before, plays really well independently and I encourage her to every morning and afternoon, whether Eloise is around or not. She loves playing with all of the baby dolls, feeding them, rocking them (complete with saying SHH!), pushing them in the stroller or shopping cart, and checking their diaper for poop! But she also loves building with Duplo Legos and can create towers or structures entirely on her own. And also loves playing with cars, trucks, and trains. She says “beep beep!” or “vroom” when she races them around the floor or a table.

And lastly, I definitely had to bribe her into her Halloween costume last night. She let me put on the tights, no problem, but did NOT want to put on the leotard or the hat. So, I gave her my phone (#momoftheyear) and then she let me put on the rest of her costume! And the crazy thing is, once she had it on, she didn’t mind it at all. I was a little worried about her keeping her hat on since she doesn’t like wearing hats anymore (such a change from this summer when she would have to wear a hat everywhere) but she didn’t mess with it at all. I think it was all of the activity last night, she was forgot about her costume!

{weight} 32ish pounds is my guess.
{hair} blackish brown.
{teeth} four bottom teeth, top four teeth, four molars, four canines.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} 2T.
{diapers} size 5 {from the honest company}.
{feeding} 2 oz sippy cups of milk at breakfast, lunchtime, and at dinner, and water throughout the day.

{likes} any type of accessory (hat, bag or purse, bracelet, necklace), Albee the Alligator, an old remote that she holds up to her ear like a phone, watching and chasing the Roomba, picking her nose, eating, bath time with Eloise, watching big kids or babies,  chewing on anything, sitting in her highchair, banging on her tray, staring at her quilt (from Amanda), rattles, riding in the car (usually), her big sister Eloise, Sadie, singing, lights, paci, being bounced, being tickled, talking, her Lovie.
{dislikes} having a hat on in the car seat, seeing some type of food on a plate that she doesn’t have, having gas, lying down flat, being hungry or tired, having her face or nose wiped off, sunscreen put on her face.

{nicknames} Daph, Daph Daph, Daphers, Bug, Daphne Doo, Daph-a-doo, Love, Lovebug.

And here is Eloise’s twenty month update!

Happy twenty months Daph!


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