my weekend in pictures.


{A slow Friday morning with the girls.}


{We headed East and had lunch with Aaron. There were a few Halloween festivities in his building, so the girls dressed up. Also, this is a very dramatic picture of Aaron!}


{Our car had a few software updates so we had a loaner car for the day, but got our car back for the weekend. Aaron wasn’t thrilled about moving the car seats back and forth, but the girls loved playing in the front seat while we installed.}


{Eloise started back up with ballet classes on Saturday morning.}


{I hit the barre twice this weekend and completed my 6 week challenge!}


{Eloise told me “We are having a party, Mama!”}

{Daphne running is my favorite and I finally caught it on video. She just jumps back and forth. It’s the sweetest!}


{We headed over to our friends’ house for soup and pumpkin carving on Saturday evening. Five kids and pumpkins was about as crazy as you would expect!}


{Aaron has been working on making closet doors for our entryway closet and we are getting close. I am so excited! Also, can you tell I have spray painted leaves on that drop cloth?!}


{We headed to a friends’ house for their annual Halloween party and the food spread is always amazing. My friend Kari serves about every Halloween dish you’ve ever seen on Pinterest!}


{And the annual Halloween PEPS picture! Look how big they all are. Crazy that the big kids have been friends since they were 4 weeks old. Neither Eloise nor Daphne wanted to dress up in costume… #partypoopers}

We had such a fun weekend! There were a few things we finally checked off the to-do list, plus we saw lots of friends and got to catch up. It is definitely feeling like fall around here (maybe a little too soggy for my taste) and I can’t believe Halloween is just a few days away!

How was your weekend?


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