my weekend in pictures.


{Guys, it’s vest weather in Seattle and I am not mad about it. Those are bunnies on Daphne’s knees but she calls them doggies. We added three more pumpkins to the porch this week and I still want more! And, it’s apple season so my kids are eating their weight in apples.}


{Saturday morning shenanigans with these girls. They both love Sadie so much!}


{Found this in my pocket when I got to Pure Barre Saturday morning. Eloise wanted me to have it so I wasn’t lonely. So sweet!}


{I have been making energy bites since the end of the summer to keep around for a quick (healthy-ish) snack – thanks for the idea Amanda! – and a few are perfect to throw in my bag for after my early morning barre classes.}


{We celebrated Halloween with some PEPS friends this morning! Eloise refused to wear her hat and we are saving Daphne’s chicken costume for Halloween since it will shed feathers everywhere, but still so fun!}


{Meal planning, grocery shopping, and voting all happened this afternoon.}


{And then to my favorite barre class of the week! This is the start of the last week of the Challenge and I can’t believe how quickly 5 weeks have passed.}

Another AMAZING weekend (and entire week!) of the most gorgeous fall weather. Guys, I am totally in love with this city right now. And please do remind me of that when the wet, grey weather inevitably comes.

We got some yardwork done (Aaron mowed and edged, and I raked) and had some friends over for a fun dinner! There is never enough time in these two weekend days though and my to-do list is extending into this last full week of October. Seriously, how is it almost Halloween already?

How was your weekend?


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