my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Eloise had a Jumpstart day at her new school (an introduction day) and Daphne and I had a fun morning to ourselves.}


{The girls played “shoe shop” in our entryway. It was so cute.}


{The Petite Flag Shop is fully stocked will all of the fall goodies!}


{Watching the UW Huskies play at Auburn. Tough loss.}


{Aaron’s parents (Nana and Papaw) are in this week from Indy so we headed over to Uncle Ben’s house for dinner and shenanigans. Eloise is so amused by Uncle Ben’s magic tricks!}


{And Daphne with Papaw.}


{We spent a sunny morning at Maple Leaf Park enjoying the fleeting summer days.}


{So goofy.}


{Eloise’s happy place is the sandbox. And our local parks always have loads of toys that families leave so kids have something to play with – it’s awesome!}


{Started setting up our family calendar for SEPTEMBER!}


{Family dinner at Gorgeous George’s in Greenwood. Amazing Mediterranean food!}


{Pushing Eloise around on a bike in the grass? Makes perfect sense… but boy did they have fun!}


{I maybe stayed up way too late the past few nights devouring the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. I was waitlisted for the next two books in the series and, of course, got them at the same time!}


{Playing counting flashcards with Papaw. Eloise is obsessed with counting these days!}

We had a FUN long weekend with Aaron’s parents visiting for the week – it’s been such a treat! This is our last weekend of summer and we are trying to enjoy every bit of it before school starts tomorrow. Eek! I have to admit though, I am so ready for fall.

How was your long weekend?


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