my weekend in pictures.

{I apologize in advance that this is the saddest compilation of weekend pictures.}


{We kicked off the weekend with a birthday party for one of Eloise’s school friends, so she decorated the card just before the party. Starting next weekend we have at least two birthday parties every single weekend until the end of summer. Let birthday party season begin!}


{Very slowly we have been getting our Amazon Prime Day shipments (let’s get on that Amazon!) and this sampler pack of Bubly water is so, so good! Also, I normally won’t order something like this from Amazon because it seems ecologically better for me to pick it up when I am at the store, but there are flavors here I have never seen before so I had to get it!}


{Love seeing the girls play. And a kitchen for your kids is the best gift. Seriously, both of the girls as soon as they could stand, and every single child under the age of 10 plays with this kitchen.}


{And some water table fun while Aaron grilled dinner tonight. Apparently sitting at the water table is way more fun than standing at it!}

This (hot) weekend just flew by and I barely even felt like I had time to enjoy it. I have a HUGE work project (for The Petite Flag Shop) that I have been trying to get done for the past few weeks and this is the very end of it, so it’s been a crazy week and weekend. (I promise to share as soon as it launches, so keep an eye on my Instagram around the second week of August!) I have been spending every minute that I can getting things done and Aaron hung with the girls. And we are gearing up for a short, but packed, first part of the week with lots more work for Aaron and I both and then we will hit the road for our summer family vacation! Yahoo!

How was your weekend?


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