my weekend in pictures.


{These girlies were loving playing on the playground Friday morning for a friend’s birthday party! Daphne loves any seat she can sit in by herself, so she was pretty happy.}


{Happy Birthday to Eloise’s school friend! There were so many school friends at this party that it felt like an end-of-the-year celebration. We will miss these friends so much next year!}


{Eloise found some sand toys and wasted no time getting them to the sand box.}


{Eloise got a little ice cream shaped sidewalk chalk and she was being goofy. You can’t eat that silly girl!}


{We went to another birthday party on Saturday afternoon and Daphne wanted to be front and center with the musical guest. She sat on that bench almost the entire time and danced and clapped along. It was so sweet!}


{And once the drums came out, Aaron and Eloise were into the music too.}


{On Saturday night we put Daphne down for bedtime and let Eloise stay up for family movie night! She requested a “not scary at all” movie and it was hard to find something… all Disney movies have scary parts! We decided on Despicable Me and she liked it, especially the Minions. She didn’t like the first part since Gru was mean, but we kept telling her he would become nice, but she was almost in tears at the beginning.}


{This afternoon the girls hit up the water table after nap/quiet time, and eventually ended up soaking wet!}

We had a fun weekend that wasn’t as super photogenic, but it felt like Aaron and I got a lot accomplished. The goal this weekend was to clean out the guest room/office which has turned into a holding purgatory. So we sorted everything into piles to donate, list on Offer Up, or put on our local Buy Nothing Group, and we managed to make a big dent! We have also definitely started the summer birthday rounds which will only increase thru July and August, when we have two (or more!) every weekend!

Happy Summer! We are kicking off the week with both girls home with me and lots of play dates and activities!

How was your weekend?


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