my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Couch repair on Friday morning. And now it’s almost as good as new! Thank goodness because we LOVE this couch.}


{We celebrated Aaron’s birthday on Thursday (his real birthday) and Friday with a blueberry pie, made with lots of love by Eloise and me.}


{I worked on the entryway bench this weekend with wood filler and primer. So excited to be closer to finishing.}


{We went to our friends’ house on Saturday for a BBQ and this beagle was Daphne’s best friend. It reminded me of the beagles I grew up with.}


{And Eloise had so much fun playing with all of the kids (the other 7 not pictured)!}


{YES, a family picture!}


{Sunday was pretty much spent outside all day and Aaron and Eloise worked in the yard.}


{Planting the new raised bed. And look at that freshly mowed and edged lawn!}

{Daphne’s new word is WHOA!}


{There was so much water table time this weekend.}


{Eloise wanted to help me with laundry and folded her own. Guys. And then she organized her drawers.}


{We headed to our local playground this afternoon and Daphne LOVED the slide!}


{And Eloise was so proud that she could climb this wall all by herself.}


{Our family walk this evening turned into Aaron carrying both of the girls home after we visited with neighbors!}

We had such a fun long weekend celebrating, what feels like, the beginning of summer! Lots of time spent out on our bigger deck (we will share soon) and out in the yard. We are gearing up for a busy week!

How was your long weekend?


4 thoughts on “my {long} weekend in pictures.

  1. The video of Daphne saying whoa has to be my favorite! OMGosh! I could just eat her up! Eloise is beautiful , don’t get me wrong, but Daphne’s sweet little face and smile and chubby little baby body is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while! I just wish I could love on the both of them!

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