my weekend in pictures.


{We headed to the Zoo late Friday afternoon to welcome the rhinos to Seattle and have a picnic dinner. We looked for the tigers (Eloise’s favorite) but they were sleeping…}


{And we didn’t see any of the real lions, but Eloise insisted on climbing on this one. Sparkly shoes and everything.}

{Swim lessons for E bright and early on Saturday morning!}


{The girls and I went for a walk down the street and Daphne insisted on helping push Eloise on her trike.}


{Just a girl and her dog.}


{Aaron built us another raised garden bed.}


{And recruited Eloise to help. She was happy to put washers on all of the bolts.}


{We had to cut our outside time short on Saturday evening since we were approaching dinner time. Eloise and Aaron were in the kitchen making pizzas and Daphne walked in from the living room. We all heard a crash and a cry. Daphne fell right into the corner of Eloise’s kitchen step stool and broke her eyebrow open. It was tricky to get the bleeding to stop and even though I did (with a band-aid) I knew immediately we would need to go to at least urgent care. So, we turned off the oven and scrambled out of the house. Our friends offered to watch Eloise for the rest of the evening which was amazing. And the three of us headed to Children’s Hospital.}


{We headed to Urgent Care first knowing that we could be re-routed to the ER depending on how things were looking. We waited for 45 minutes before we saw a nurse. She told us that sutures under general anesthesia would require an ER trip and that it would take at least THREE hours! So, we took our chances and waited for the nurse practitioner to give us her opinion on stitches. After Daphne had some numbing cream applied, she finally got to eat dinner! I managed to grab some pasta, strawberries, and a Lara bar as we rushed out the door. Not the best dinner ever but she didn’t even care one bit. However, she did not like having a big band-aid on her head.}


{Once the NP came in to check on her, she was able to tell us that glue would be fine since the cut wasn’t gaping open. So they wrapped her up like a burrito and she screamed the entire time. It was heart-breaking. I did, however, notice that both of her top molars have cut thru (since her mouth was the widest it has ever been during the procedure). Daphne didn’t let us put her shirt back on, but was acting really normally when we left, just TWO AND A HALF hours after we arrived… sheesh.}


{Aaron headed out early this morning to make a run to IKEA which was postponed from Saturday night. And he had a bon voyage crew! We have a ton of house projects in the works so I will update once we have some completed.}


{This afternoon we were able to get back outside and Eloise helped Aaron with the rest of the raised bed.}



Geez, this weekend was a doozy. The second urgent care visit for Daphne in three weeks. We are feeling really lucky though that we have close friends that took amazing care of Eloise and fed her dinner and read her bedtime stories so that we didn’t have to wrangle a three year old at urgent care. And we are also feeling lucky that Daphne is fine. She has a big blob of glue on her forehead which should heal in the next week, but she hasn’t even seemed to notice it all day today.

We are gearing up for a crazy work week for Aaron and looking forward to a late-week date night as well as Mother’s Day weekend!

How was your weekend?


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