Congratulations Grad!

As many of you know, either from my recent Instagram or Facebook posts or because you have known us for a while, but this graduation has been a long time coming. For as long as we have been together (almost 11 years!) Aaron has been doing some type of schooling AND working full-time.

After leaving Purdue University, Aaron moved out to Seattle and started working, but made time to take classes at the local community college. It wasn’t always consistent, but slow and steady, even if it was just one class per term. Even after we were married, he was taking evening classes at the local college while supporting me as I finished my own education. And then a few years ago he found out about WGU (Western Governor’s University) which is a non-profit, online college focused on competence of information rather than credit hours. It wasn’t perfect (nothing is, right?), but it was the best fit for our growing family.

And while he would never consider himself a student, I am in tremendous awe in how he was able to balance work, life, and his classes over the years. I had such a different education experience, having the “luxury” of being a full-time student (and no kids!) in both my undergraduate and graduate studies. Not in my wildest dreams could I fathom having more commitments than the current term’s studies. But this guy, he put in late nights and weekends and even studying during our vacations. There were times that we both questioned the process, but in the end, it was totally worth it!

Congratulations on a HUGE accomplishment Aaron! Your commitment to your personal growth and to our family is awe inspiring. We are so SO proud of you!


{Making sure the gown and the cap fit!}


{Hugs for Grammie.}


{Walking in.}


{Graduation ceremonies are notoriously long and this one wasn’t any different. But the girls did so well!}


{Daphne with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben.}




{Aaron was sitting in the very last college/school to walk across the stage, so he had some time to think about what he might do in front of the camera.}


{A proud family right there!}


{Apparently “get your hands out of your mouths” didn’t work.}


{And our dear friend Jerry was able to join us for the ceremony too!}

And now onto the next big thing, though I promise you we are not getting any more degrees!

Happy Graduation Aaron! We are so enormously proud of you!


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