my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise’s monthly theme at school for April is yoga, so she came home talking all about yoga this week. And we have this memory yoga game that we played on Friday afternoon while Daphne was napping.}


{Friday night DATE NIGHT! We headed down to the Ave for dinner and an escape room with our friends. Thai at Thaiger Room was as good as I remember it from 10 years ago (yep, feeling old) and the escape room was Da Vinci themed and was so. much. fun.}


{Eloise had her first swim lesson bright and early on Saturday morning, and she did amazingly well! We weren’t sure how she would do but talked about getting her into private, intensive swim lessons this spring. Looks like we’ll be at the (indoor) pool these next few months!}


{Eloise sometimes changes into her jammies for quiet time and then falls asleep. I sent Aaron down there to get her up but when he didn’t come back up right away (and the monitor was quiet) I checked the webcam and found them snuggling.}


{We took dinner to friends who had a baby last month and live just a few blocks away. Of course as soon as we decided to walk, it started to pour rain! Eloise decided that this giant umbrella was her umbrella.}


{We tested out Amazon Fresh grocery pick-up this morning since there is one close by and it is free for Prime members. It was so fast I couldn’t believe it! Definitely doing this again.}


{We headed out for a quick walk around the block after dinner since it was still light (yes!) and wasn’t raining, and we had to test out our new Keenz wagon. I drove all the way out to the Target in Issaquah to pick it up since there was a big promo on it and this was the only place it was stocked in the area. So 40 minutes out and 40 minutes back before I headed to Pure Barre was so worth it! They are out of stock online and locally in Seattle, but if you are interested, here is the link.}

We had a pretty quiet weekend that felt really grey and rainy. Boo. It looks like we’ll have a break in the weather tomorrow before the next set of storms come thru. Wish me luck since Eloise is on spring break this week so I will have both girls home all week with me! We are planning lots of play dates and easy dinners.

How was your weekend?


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