my weekend in pictures.


{The girls and I headed out on Friday for lunch at U Village, and after the most amazing sammies at Even Stevens and a few errands, we hit up the playground. Both of the girls love these little coupe cars.}


{A family walk after dinner on Friday. Almost immediately after this photo was taken, Daphne took a huge face plant. It was awful.}


{We decided to keep Easter festivites low-key this year and attend the egg hunt at our local community center. For the little kids, the eggs were spread out all over the tennis court. Daphne got one egg (those kids were so fast!) and she was obsessed.}


{My loves.}


{The girls woke up this morning to baskets from the Easter bunny!}


{And since it was rainy outside this morning, we did the egg hunt inside. I told the girls they had to wear their bunny ears if they wanted to participate. Ha!}


{This little one LOVED all of the eggs. She only had two and that was more than enough for her to have the best time.}


{Eloise with her new twirly wand.}


{And matching shoes for the girls. These are the new release from Keds + Rifle Paper Co.’s kid’s line and the style of this one is the Daphne. It was meant to be, right?}




{Attempting to get a photo of the girls this morning was almost impossible.}


{Eloise got this little puzzle in her Easter basket and she has been obsessed with it all day. She has done it a few times with me and Aaron, and about 10 times by herself. She is so proud of herself!}

We had a fun weekend celebrating Easter and the start of spring! I could have used some more sun and slightly warmer weather, but we are welcoming April with open arms.

How was your weekend?


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