my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise decided last week that she wanted a haircut so I made an appointment for Saturday morning. She insisted on looking at pictures on my phone, but was so brave! This is only her second haircut and it went much more smoothly than the first one did.}


{Eloise and I at her post-haircut lunch. PSA: Kids eat free at the new ramen restaurant at U Village!}


{Eloise wanted a braid after her haircut and sat so still so the gal could finish it. Plus, she is a champ at eating with chopsticks. #startemyoung}


{To say that Daphne enjoyed the ramen would be an understatement.}


{We hosted family dinner with the Sadliers and all the kids loved George who was chosen to be the storyteller.}


{Eloise finally grew out of her old bike helmet and her new one came so, of course, she had to try it out this morning! And, our friend Madeleine gave her some of clothes she had grown out of and they fit Eloise perfectly. Now she won’t wear anything else!}


{Since we keep these doors closed (to keep Daphne out of the bathroom and office) the girls have adopted it as their new play space (since apparently the entire living room isn’t big enough!) and I found them here late this afternoon. Eloise looked up and said “Mama, we are on a date!” Ah, it’s so cute!}

We had a fun weekend welcoming in spring even though it snowed on Friday… what?! But we did get some sun and warmer weather which is making me SO ready for actual spring. I can’t wait until we can just be outside all day!

How was your weekend?


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