my weekend in pictures.


{Friends invited us out for dinner on Friday night so we hit up Optimism Brewery in Capitol Hill since it is super kid-friendly and we had 5 kiddos. Plus, there was a food truck.}


{These girlie were running laps around all evening long and didn’t stop until right before we left, but, of course, I didn’t get a picture of them playing.}


{Daphne and I headed up north to a mama brunch (while Aaron and Eloise headed to ballet and PEPS) and Daphne loved all of the attention!}


{The afternoon sun. Gimme.}


{It was so sunny and gorgeous that we had to play outside on Saturday afternoon. Felt like spring weather. And there is Sadie always making sure her girls are okay.}


{Daphne LOVES being outside. The grass, the sidewalk, you name it, she loves it!}


{And Eloise was helping Aaron who was doing some spring yard clean-up.}


{Daphne and I ran a few errands this morning (before U Village got TOO crazy) and also stopped by to pick up some compost for the garden.}


{And you can’t say no to Girl Scouts, right? So I picked up a few boxes of cookies.}


{Daphne always wants to go outside if she sees Sadie on the back deck.}


{Aaron and Eloise started prepping our raised garden bed for planting.}


{Writing thank you notes for Daphne’s birthday so I don’t forget. And I will be working on a blog post all about her birthday party so stay tuned!}


{We went for a family walk around the block after dinner because SUN and Eloise, being the true Seattleite that she is, she sees the sun and puts on shorts!}

We had such a SUNNY and WARM weekend, and it was so lovely. Seriously, after some serious gray and rain, I needed this weather to give me life. I know it’s going to be back to grey and rainy for a while before we really get spring weather, but it was so nice that this fell over a weekend.

And we are already heading into the middle of March. How is this happening?

How was your weekend?


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