my weekend in pictures.


{A pants optional Friday morning waiting for Grammie to come into town.}


{I squeezed in my final BBG workout on Friday during Daphne’s nap and it felt so good to make it to my 12 week goal. I have had tons of questions about BBG so I will do a review post coming soon.}


{Almost as soon as Grammie got to our house she and Eloise were crafting. This is Eloise’s happy place!}




{So silly Daph! We celebrated Daphne’s birthday (again) with burgers at Eureka!}


{Love this little family of mine.}


{And even though it was freezing, it didn’t stop us from getting ice cream from our favorite Molly Moon’s ice cream shop! This was Eloise’s first ice cream in a cone and it only fell once; I was pretty impressed.}


{We celebrated this new one year old on Saturday afternoon with our friends and family. There are lots of pictures to share so stay tuned for a birthday party post.}


{It took her a while, but eventually Daphne really got into her cake. This is the aftermath.}


{And back to U Village (we sort of live there, ha!) for dinner last night since no one wanted to cook and dim sum sounded so yummy.}


{These two. Swoon!}


{I love that Daphne is a complete blur in this photo. It completely sums her up right now: always on the move.}


{Eloise had a play-doh bakery this morning.}


{Daphne received a few new books for her birthday this weekend and she is obsessed!}


{Pizza delivery for dinner! Yep, still lazy.}


{We had an early dinner and then Grammie, Eloise, and I headed out to see Daniel Tiger Live at The Moore Theater.}


{And there’s the whole gang! Eloise was a little overwhelmed at first since there were so many new things to see, but she got into it pretty quickly and clapped and danced along with the play.}

We have had SO much fun continuing to celebrate Daphne’s birthday (she gets the entire month, right?) and having Grammie in town. Plus, it’s March so we are so much closer to spring!

How was your weekend?


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