my weekend in pictures.

Actually, this ended up being my week in pictures because Eloise was home for mid-winter break this week. We had almost no plans for the week because I didn’t want to be overly ambitious trying to get two kids all over town. So we mostly stayed home. Which was great. And it also caused some cabin fever. Plus, our weather was really cold, so staying home in our jammies just felt right!


{I am definitely not tired, Mama. Oh, okay.}


{The playground at U Village does have little heaters so we managed some time there for a bit one morning. And Eloise had the idea of pushing Daphne around in one of the cozy coupe cars. I thought for sure this would be a major regret, but they both loved it!}


{Daphne did not want to stop.}


{Aside from some of the more unusual precipitation we experienced this week – hail, snow, sleet, wind – we saw the SUN! And Sadie was enjoying every bit of it.}


{Eloise, before bed one night, insisted on organizing her kitchen. It was impressive. If it wouldn’t have been so late, I would have had her work on my pantry too!}


{I mentioned Daphne always has something in her mouth (that way both of her hands are free, right?) and this is what I mean. And it means she drools so much more.}


{Snow! Not a lot but enough to get excited about. We usually don’t get a lot of snow in town even when the ‘burbs do.}


{Playing together after breakfast. It is one of my favorite times of the day.}


{Because we had snow on the ground, I decided I needed to bundle the girls up and go outside and play, even though I just wanted to stay inside and admire it from my living room. But Daphne hadn’t ever really seen snow before and Eloise was begging to make a snowman. So I managed to get everyone majorly bundled up.}


{Daphne was curious about the snow at first.}


{Eloise LOVED it!}


{But Daph realized she didn’t like it. Not one bit. And she cried until I picked her up and she wouldn’t let me put her down. Which made building a snowman a little tricky.}


{So we had to wait until Daphne went down for her morning nap and we built this snow person. A contractor was driving by just as we finished a said “That’s such a great snow person. Nice work!” And so, instead of a snowman, we had a snow person.}


{With a side of sass and a celery nose.}


{Eloise normally has ballet on Saturday morning, but we can make-up classes on Thursday afternoon. And somehow, on Thursday afternoon, I managed to get two kids out of the house and all the way to Fremont in traffic and parallel parked on the street in a “princess parking spot” (right in front) and we were 15 minutes early! #momwin Eloise was the only student in the class this week which made me nervous that she wouldn’t participate, but she did so well!}


{Bed head.}




{I was laughing so hard which is probably why this picture is blurry, but I thought she was going to go in head first!}




{We had friends over last night for a family dinner and it was so FUN! Eloise and Harlon (far left) were born just one day apart and have known each other their entire lives!}


{Papa the jungle gym and Daphne practicing her squatting.}


{Eloise was reading Daphne stories this afternoon while Aaron made dinner. It was so sweet.}

We had a fun week all being home, but holy cow am I ready for school to start again! I am definitely not cut out to have two kids home all day, every day. Help me come this summer!

This weekend we kept similarly non-scheduled since these next few weeks will be jam-packed with birthday festivities and Grammie heading into town. Plus, Daphne’s one year well-check and photoshoot soon too.

How was your weekend?


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